Rhapsody in Red (****)

A Twisted Love Story… is the tagline for this great 30 minute independent film. I went to see it without any expectation and walked out with a grin on my face after being truly entertained. The film was actually completely done in the Mid Michigan area, by Mid Michigan people and the director thanked everyone for their support after the second screening. The first screening was actually sold out, but thankfully they did a second one right after. I would have been very disappointed if I had not been able to see this film.

Without giving away too much, one of my favorite scenes has one of the characters trying to sneak in somewhere. One of the people trying to stop her is eating a huge burger and as she clogs her arteries you see a huge salt container in the shot. I thought that was a very clever joke.

The acting was unbelievable. Even though the film is a tongue in cheek love story of a very confused woman and a maximum security homicidal criminal the characters were very likeable. The story was hilarious and smartly written. The film included some excellent camera angles that really helped show the story. I love the opening and closing sequences, but you would have to go see the film to get what I am talking about. My only complaint was one shot where there is an upside down camera view that I really did not get. Besides that the movie went by way too fast because I wanted to keep on laughing.

Now the important thing, how do you get to see this film? Thankfully it will be traveling the independent circuit so it will most likely be shown in a place close to you, so go visit the website for the film, sign up for the newsletter and let me know what you think once you watch it. Since the writer/director David Patton is from the area I am going to try to get an interview.

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5 comments on “Rhapsody in Red (****)

  1. I wish I had the time to get out more, blah! I can’t wait until I’m done with school and have a real job.

  2. Hey, man… Groovy site. Positive reviews so far? Just thought I’d help spread the love & up the counter. 😉 Peace, all.

  3. Saw this movie sunday night. We thought it was quite funny. Would love to see it again and would recommend it to friends.

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