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Before you continue to read this entry I invite you to go over to this website and watch the Stupid Girls video. I have liked Pink since her first album, even though I have to admit that I thought she was black before I saw her first video. She has a very soulful voice and can transmit emotion with her voice in a way that I have not heard a white singer do. The first single I listened to ‘Most Girls’, was a very cool R&B hit. Her career has evolved and she has jumped genre and is now more of a pop rock kind of act, but her music is still very good, in my opinion. While other singers like Christina Aguilera have touched the subject of “our society wanting to turn girls into babies that wear a size zero dress” with the song Beautiful, Pink’s all out attack on the current “celebrity” craze is blunt and nails a straight punch into the real problem.

Webster defines celebrity as a celebrated person. When you look up celebrated, it does not state that being followed by a group of people taking pictures of you while you try to take a step just because you are in a movie, or you are rich, that you should be celebrated. I admire people’s talents. I love certain actors and their performances, they should be recognized for the work they do… but I don’t believe in the whole celebrity idea. I am not going as far as saying that celebrities are destroying our society, but people’s misunderstanding of what they are is really hurting all of us.

Just because a celebrity looks a certain way does not mean that every single woman in the world should look like her. I like fashion, my sister wanted to become a fashion designer and even though she chose a different career she still managed to make her own prom dress that came out beautiful. Fashion is cool when it shows creativity, but when a celebrity wears a hat or some kind of shoes and then everyone stars wearing it, kind of makes me sick. I wear stuff that I like, that looks cool and I feel comfortable in. I don’t wear stuff because someone else wears it. I would wear a Vote for Pedro shirt, because I love the Napoleon Dynamite movie and think it is hilarious, but not because everyone else is wearing it.

Today’s problems in our society have to do a lot with lack of identity. We are not encouraged to come up with our own identity but to pick one from a variety of established ones. We are either pro something or anti something… there is no middle, there is no gray areas and we have to adopt labels at every step we take. Since when is being a individual became an almost insurmountable quest?

Pinks video shows one of my dreams. I want to see a woman president. While the prospect of Hilary Clinton or Even Oprah becoming president scares me, I do think we need to see a woman as the president. It makes me sad when I see so many young girls wanting to look like the people they see on TV. I am even sadder when those same girls want to be older than they are and jump into adulthood when they are only 12. Is the information age overloading our young ones brain with so much information that they are confused about what they should become? I know I don’t have all the answers, I know I am still confused even though I am getting close to being 30. I also know that I am an individual and even though I ended up being defined by an array of labels like, Hispanic, Martial Artist, Biker, Geek and Gamer, I still chose to be all of those things, I am not ashamed of being called any of those things, instead I am proud to know that I can be several different things and that no label will ever define everything that I am.

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  1. Everybodys been talking about his video for quiet a while now. I’ve personally never been a fan of Pink, her music to me is mediocre and I would much rather listen to Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson than her.

  2. Good post logtar. I’m a bit out of touch with most of what’s happening in the pop culture world, but while I’m not crazy about the song, I’m definately supportive of the message.

    It drives me insane that there’s this notion that woman can only be attractive if she weighs 105 pounds. What a bunch of crap.

    Additionally, I like your thoughts that people need to try and be more individualistic instead of swallowing every trend put before them. As one of my friends says, “Look at all those people being individuals in exactly the same way.” 😛

    And yes, we need to mix it up a bit in the leadership of this country. The rich old white guys are getting a bit tiresome to me. That’s not saying that there aren’t some rich old white guys that would make great leaders, but that barrier has got to come down.

  3. I agree! Because of all the celebrity hype and what the media deems as “in” there are too many people turning into what so-called society wants rather than what they want. Everyone is a freaking clone of everyone and I’m so glad I raised my kids to be individuals!

  4. I enjoyed this entry, and found myself agreeing with many of the problems how celebrities and authoritive figures are portrayed.

    It’s amazing that just six or seven generations ago, healthy, wholesome women were the “in.” I feel it always has been, and always will be about a wealth/status symbol; if you could eat and carry some extra weight, then you were doing pretty good.

  5. I Love this video, make me laugh a lot, and i cant spot see it!!! The Lindsay Lohan scene is the best.!! 😉

  6. I Love This Video !!!! Pink is the BEST!!! She tells it like it is !!! I Love That About
    Her !!!

  7. She rawks. She really does tell it how it is. Personally those girls r stupid

  8. Hmm, wonder if anybody is still following this thread. Anyway, what the song says to me is not that there are stupid girls out there, but that this is a concept which many, mostly females, are obsessed with. Calling each other stupid, slut, whatever else they can think of. So angry about various female celebrities and such. Why? Is it really that they’re setting a bad example (why must they set an example at all?) or that people don’t approve of their lifestyles (who said you had to?) or is it just plain envy? After all, despising someone and belittling them is an easy way to “bring them down to your level”. Note that you don’t see guys doing nearly as much of this as females do. It’s largely a female thing, and it’s not really about somebody being a loser. It’s about this insane competition between females addressed in such movies as “Mean Girls”, a really sick sort of emotional violence that you engage in because all too often you just can’t seem to stop yourselves. You feel the emotions fly, and you come swinging, so to speak. Then it’s all over. You don’t like Britney? Don’t listen to her music. Don’t like J Lo? Don’t watch her movies. But there’s really no need to put up websites, blogs, forums, etc. all anti this person or anti that person. Let it go already. Stop obsessing. A lot of you get way too agitated over this, and apparently Pink is one such person.

  9. This is in responce to Tom….I guess being a male may make it hard for you to understand the pressures of being a female. I am not saying men don’t face certain pressures because I am sure men do, most of which I don’t claim to understand. You say to stop listenning to Britney or not watch movies and all the celebrity issues will go away…that is very unrealistic. Even if you did not watch music video’s, television or movies the “Britney’s” of the world are everywhere; they are on billboards, in news papers, on your friends lips, etc. It is impossible to get away. I am a very athletic person and enjoy going to the gym, eating well and being healthy. I am glad I have a good self esteem. My friends however have been influenced by this “thin” epidemic and it is extremely frightenning. They are all losing weight, you can’t go out to eat with them and most of them smoke a pack a day. This did not happen before the influence of celebrities….so even if I did ignore EVERY media outlit in the world this “thin” trend is right here next to me, wasting away….I am glad there are women out there to speak up to say there is more to life then how thin you are and how much your purse costs!! Men of the world stop drooling over these “stupid girls” and tell your mothers and sisters and girlfriends how hot and real you think they are!!! You go pink!!!!

  10. The female or male who had something negative to say about pink you could have kept your smart remarks to yourself cause no one cares who you would rather listen to. The females that you named aren’t even true like pink and wouldn’t know it if it hit them in their face so wise up and listen to my gurl pink

  11. First of all that was the best video ever. And the people that say bad things about pink are just plain old stupid girls take it any way u want. I love the song cause it is so true and proves u can be yourself and accomplish more so every girl in the world please dont be a stupid girl. U re girl Qoneshia.

  12. I found this website and i found this discussion here very interesting!
    Im from Brazil, so im sorry about my english mistakes…

    I think Pink did the video to call plp atention of course, because of this she make thins look so bad, but thats the way it should be.

    The music talks about a very hard thing that is the difficult of people accept who they are , and the way TV and everything else show us we shouldnt be like we are…and like they say we should because if they keep us unhappy we will keep buying everything to be someone that most part of the people cant

    Those people , Brintey, Jessica Simpson and others are just what the media uses to “control” plp minds they are victims like the girls that get sick to try to be like them, because they probably get sick to be like that too..
    Im sure they are not able to be who they want to , no one can be 100% sexy all the time or perfect and they must to…

    Thats a very sad thing…Brazil for example is the 2nd country in the world that most do plastic surgeries we just lose to USA, the diference is that Brazil is a poor country and even who doesnt have money does plastic surgery…here this is so banal that you can have a loam on the bank to do a boob job and thats very sad…girls that are 14, or 13 get plastic surgeries as birthday present when there is nothing wrong with them…

    Maybe its hard to men understand the pressure about beuaty to women…loads of girls knows how is to have their boyfriend saying “that is a women” from some celebrety women are more insecure than men and need different stuff


    that it is :)

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