Am I watching a movie or a commercial?

When I watch a movie I do not expect to be bombarded by product placement. It is bad enough that watching the super bowl has turned into a lets watch the super bowl commercial affair. The game could completely be mediocre but we watch just to see what Budweiser uses for frogs this year.

Man has Nick Cage done a 180 on my book. He used to be an actor that I though was excellent, Raising Arizona, Face Off, even Gone in 60 seconds. Now he just seems to want to be the center of the movie that is narrated by him, with only the product that he is pedaling to compete for camera time. It was an all out assault on my wallet to watch weatherman. It seemed like the guy selling the product placement during the movie had a fast food addiction. I think every single place for fast food was represented either as being eaten or thrown at Cage.

The movie also seems to be getting paid to drop the F bomb. Almost every single character in the movie uses it like it was part of their contract.

That was not the sad part about the movie. One of the characters was reduced to being a smoking kid that is called camel toe… and while the kid seems oblivious to what the insult means, the movie does a very graphic job at explaining to us what camel toe is. Keep your kids away for sure. While the movie does do a couple of PSA with don’t let your kid smoke, and don’t let the guidance counselor fondle your teenager, I recommend you stay away from this movie. It will for sure make you want to throw some junk food at the screen.

4 comments on “Am I watching a movie or a commercial?

  1. Yeah, this movie never peaked my interest to begin with. I’d glad your reviewed it though, because now at least I know I’ll never rent it.

  2. holy shit.

    Kate and I watched this movie over the weekend, and I felt the same way. it was all fast food. Nuggets, burgers, pies, burritoes. I know that it was to be symbolic; how he was hit with fast food (sorry if i spoiled the movie for anyone) …but it was in the background of every other ‘city shot’…

    crazy. i cannot help but notice that coca-cola, nike, mcdonalds and pepsi all have a playing card in how movies are made; pay close attention on how the characters on the silver screen, right down to the tube hold the items with the label facing out towards the camera.

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