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Midland has blogs now. They are being hosted here for free. It is an interesting idea and somewhat of an experiment but it sounds like something that I might like to participate on some level. I know one Midland blogger, Dan Lacher. I know there are more but those are the two that I visit. Now with the Midland blogs i think there is a great opportunity to create a blogging community. They could link to us via RSS, and also have our content show up there.

In somewhat related news Dan Lacher has agreed to do an interview for my podcast. Something that I find awesome, interesting and just overall cool. I know how eloquent of me. I am looking forward to meeting him and doing an interview, I think it will be my best podcast yet.


Dan is calling all Midland bloggers. I hope soon we can have a meetup. So if you are a Midland Michigan Blogger, go and say Hello!

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  1. Hi, I received your email today. I see you use WordPress as well, but I’m surprised that ourmidlandblogs still uses b2. Perhaps someone can talk them into exporting the database into WordPress and sprucing it up a little, eh? The new WordPress supports importing b2 sql files, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

    I generally post to my blog daily, but I work full time, go to school full time, and I’m a single dad with two children, so sometimes the posts are shorter than others 😉

    Take care and happy blogging!

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