How far is heaven?

I have been saving this topic for quite some time. It is one of those topics that runs around my head, sometime just at a slow pace, sometimes running as if stole something. It has been just a rant about heaven but it was brought to the forefront of my mind this weekend. I was asked do I know for sure if I will go to heaven? I did not hesitate to say sure. I am not sure why Christians have such a complicated way to look at the concept of eternal happiness. It seems to want to become the most complicated question that transcends even existentialism. The why am I here? becomes, I should want to be somewhere else, I should long for eternal happiness. Then you mix in the whole “Salvation” concept and the “rules” that one must not break so that St Peter meets us at the Pearly Gates and lets us into heaven. Being Catholic complicates matters just a little further with the concept of Purgatory.

It would take me years to fully explore those subjects. A process that at times seemed to me the only appealing thing of becoming a priest and joining the seminary. I would have joined if I could accomplish quest for knowledge and understanding of all those subjects that I stated before. The whole rest of rules that becoming a priest involve kind of shut down that idea, but Theology has always been an interesting subject and one I feel I have not studied enough. I have visited plenty of Churches and even worshiped with the for periods of times, but it would almost be like saying that I am an expert on Mexican cuisine just because I eat quite often at taco bell.

Personally I believe in a very simple way. I know I am a good person, I know I try to do the right thing in most situations and truly try not to harm anyone. Am I perfect? Of course not. Am I still making mistakes that I should have put behind me years ago? Yea, that is what makes me human. However I do follow a path that involves a lot of self-reflection and self-actualization. Before I completely get off the subject I want to state something that bothers me about the concept of heaven.

Why don’t we have heaven here on earth?

It really bothers me that religions (at least most of the ones I have studied) believe in another plane, an afterlife, another universe where everything is happy and ok. Why don’t we believe in making our life here and now heaven? Why do we have to wait to go to heaven to be truly happy? Why can we truly be Christians and be happy about our time here on earth. I have always thought that Jesus was a very cool guy; to me he is the ultimate friend. I think the Christian religion missed God’s point of sending Jesus to earth. I think God send Jesus not just to save us all, but to show us that life here can be heaven on earth. If we follow his message and love one another and everything that the thought entails I think heaven can be here on earth. Let me know what you think.

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  1. You make an excellent point John. How come we can’t be truly happy on earth? I feel that a lot of Christians miss the whole show because they focus too much on the hereafter.

  2. I have heard people use the analogy that our life here on earth is like the dressing room, that heaven is the stage for the real show and we are just getting ready.

  3. I don’t think it says anywhere that if you’re a Christian you can’t be happy with your life here. There are definitely limitations like no tattoos (tarnishing the temple of God), no drunkenness, no sexual promiscuity, blah blah blah. I don’t think the Christian ideal of Heaven is more complicated than other religions such as buddhism where you strive, possibly for your whole lifetime in the pursuit of enlightenment though meditation, fasting, etc. it seems pretty easy to me as far as how to get into Heaven. It’s towing the line that most people don’t like.

    Mankind, when left to our own devices seeks personal gain. That’s just the way it is. Some times it’s more ruthless than others. For example, if given the chance, anyone of us would chose to provide 100% for our family instead of providing 100% for a stranger’s family. Does that make you a bad person or unworthy of a happy after life? No.

    Anyone who’s ever raised a child knows that people are naturally bad and learn to be good. If you’ve ever watched a child lie, when no lie has been told to them, or cheat, when they don’t yet know what cheating is, or sneak candy, when they’ve never witnessed sneakiness, you know that people have to learn to be good. That’s my theory anyways, and as much as I hate to say it, I have a more dismal outlook. For me, I NEED to believe in a happier, perfect after life because I refuse to believe that life on earth is as good as it gets.

  4. This is a tough question because so many people/groups have a different opinion on this and who’s right? I was taught that in order to go to heaven, I had to show up to church every single Sunday and I just don’t buy that. My grandparents truly believe that only Catholics are going to heaven, which just seems strange that the majority of the world is going to Hell?

  5. That’s some very deep thinking there Logtar. I’ve rarely given it much thought but I recall my grandmother telling once that Hell is not how everyone depicts it to be. This here, what we call life is Hell. I really didn’t grasp the concept but I guess she was referring to how we all go through daily struggles.

  6. “Religion is what protects the rich from the poor.” I’ve always loved that quote.

    The problem with humanity is that we are capable of understanding our own mortality. Unlike other life-forms going about their daily struggles to survive on instincts, we know that it is inevitable that we will die. And since we have relationships with other humans, it hurts us when they die. Not only that, I think we fear our own death and the unknown of what happens when we die and what happens to our loved ones before us and those we leave behind. Therefore, the after-life aspects of religion are there as a security blanket to cover all of these fears and questions.

    Of course, not just anybody can go there. They make it out to be a reward system so that our lives here maintain a certain level of morality. It also justifies why it is okay that Kings are rich and we are dirt poor. In the end we will be all equal. Heaven sounds like Communism to me. How ironic.

    Even though I am atheist, I totally respect religion. I think most atheists are damaged goods and put all their efforts against it. I am not a separation of church and state kind of person, mostly because that is a misunderstood statement. It is not to protect the state against the church, but to keep the church from being controlled by the state.

    Don’t forget, our first freedom in the 1st Amendment is not speech… it is freedom of religion.

  7. “I know I am a good person, I know I try to do the right thing in most situations and truly try not to harm anyone.” An overwhelming majority of folks surveyed believe they are good people, and will go to heaven.

    If this were true, heaven would be a nearly exact duplicate of your city.

    Since life in your or my city hardly feels like heaven, there is something wrong with this idea.

    It is that being a good person and trying not to harm anyone does not cut it. We are hardly good in ourselves, and do harm other people most of the time. That we are blind to the fact does not change the results. That’s how we get the cities we have, and the States, and Countries.

    Are we all going to heaven? Thank goodness for a purgatory.

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  9. Heaven is about 10 Billion Centillion Eon’s from the earth thats just a statement but, Heaven it’s self is so far out that no man or anyother being can ever think to knowing how far it is. There’s only one known being that can reach this besides god him self and, thats lucifer and, if Im not misteaken He still vistes there cus he has been totlely kick out yet till the 7 year period.
    so I hope that anwsers your questioned

  10. And the heaven may be long from us today,many light yer aways ,but God,who are in heaven and on the earth same time. Can do here and in heaven gretafull deeds and joy he will send in us in pure hearts desire,be his witnes and win and help the lost to Christ,pray for blessed revivals oon,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden

  11. I believe that there is a Heaven and there is a God. I am a witness that there is a God. He spoke to me on July 3, 2005 at 12:10am. He woke me up with his deep voice saying “Precious Lord Take My Hand Lead Me On Let Me Stand”. He said it 3 time. I woke up wondering what He wanted. I went for a drive asking him what He meant. The next day, I found out that that Mother in law was called to Heaven at the same time 12:10 am to be with God. God let me know that He came to get her. It was real and I will never, never forget that night, because I know God came an told me He was taking her with Him. This was the time I believe 100 percent that God Lives and He is always with us. Feb 1, 2007 He came an took my father, and I know my father is with God and God and my father watches over me every day. I am going to see my family in Heaven one day and I will be ready when God comes and get me.

  12. I believe in God without any doubt. I believe Jesus came and died on the cross so that our sins may be covered and if we believe in not only God, but also in his son Jesus Christ, we will be rewarded with an eternal after-life in Heaven. The entire universe is a massive machine and everything that the universe contains are all machines. From the largest star to the tiniest atom and elements the make up everything in existence. Our bodies are all machines and everyone knows machines can only be created from knowledge. Who told the “Big Bang” to create us like we are? How are our bodies able to do what they do without a mind to create them? It’s impossible. Plants were created for oxygen for us to breathe. We exhale carbon monoxide so that the plants can live. Water was created to nurish our body and to water the plants. The Sun rises to give us light and to cause the water to evaporate. The wind was created to move the clouds across the world to water the inland plants. Plants and the meat of animals give us nurishment and the vitamins we need to keep us healthy so that we can live. Our feet our made so we can stand, our legs so we can move, our hands so we can grasp, our eyes so we can see, our mouths so we can eat, our brains so that we can control our earthly bodies. When we are hurt, we feel pain to protect our bodies. When we are cut, our body has white blood cells to heal our wounds. Evolution is not the answer. Evolution supposedly takes millions of years to develope. Do you actually think life could’ve lasted this long if we had no defenses in the beggining!? We were created by God the way we are now. Life as we know could never be without the powerful mind of God behind it all. As I said, the universe is a massive machine and machines can only be created by an intelligent mind. The powerful mind of our God! Worship him or face the consequences.

  13. We exhale carbon dioxide…. my bad. lol God forgives us when we make mistakes.

  14. heaven is all around us we just need to open are eyes to see the good things in life are use are sinses to feel heavens presence a flower blooming are natures beautiful beauty a moment of a shooting star are a child being born are a beautifuley set sun set on any given day or a drop of water to the taste of are tungs are the beautiful singing in near by churches are a beautiful creature are human being evry thing positive is gods creation and hell dweals around all parts of heaven trying to confuse gods children even I have ben deceived by satan and his realm because we are not perfect we are all little children no matter how old we are and we all fall from gods grace from lack of under standing offamily values and gods plan for us here on earth we fall to the temtations of the negative suroundings and lack of under standing of why we are living threw such tragic times here on earth. I have witnessed a craft flying in to a worm hole over my neighbors house when I was just a child and then another one in the same hour threw all my years I have wondered what was this and threw it all I have came to one conclusion that it was angels sent from heaven to show me god does exzist

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