Logtar’s Podcast 10

Logtar’s Podcast number 10 discusses Internet persona, Interview and CLSB.

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5 Responses to Logtar’s Podcast 10

  1. Since the inception of Podcasts, I think we’ve all move along from it being simply a recording of random thoughts from our perspective in order to share with our fellow bloggers. I think the idea of having some else participate in this recording with you is a neat idea. Garrett Murray has done this very thing and I’ve subscribed not only to his rantings but his Podcast as well.

  2. Logtar,

    Sounds like a great idea, I would be glad to sit in on an interview or interview you. Maybe something on social network building via the internet and blogs, how you found blogs.sun.com and me, what you think of Sun, public blogs from large corporations, random computer thoughts, ….


  3. yea, that sounds like a great idea. We’ll discuss the details. Btw Sun is evil… just kidding :)

  4. cool podcast as usual. btw do you use linux?

  5. Sorry I was late on commenting on this podcast. Hey — you are so right about the “tone”, because on the internet, one cannot detect one’s tone. Oh, and of course, I’m glad I got to call you on the phone too for your b-day. I invited you to RINGO.COM back in the day, and that’s how I have your number. :)

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