Yesterday I posted about Juanes over at Proyecto Colombia. Juanes is a Colombian singer that has really done well in the US market but has not “crossed over” (as in recorded an English language Album) like Shakira or Ricky Martin. Juanes defends his move by saying tha the still thinks, dreams and writes music in Spanish, and I personally think is an excellent point of view. Music is supposed to be about self expression, not about making money. We all know how many artist “sell out.”

Juanes is an artist that writes music that moves your soul. From very politically charged music to love songs that expose his tenderness and passion. I have translated a couple of his songs to English and find his sound both unique and get up and dance worthy. His blend of Colombia and rock makes for an interesting mix that attacks the senses in a very moving way. That and the ladies thinking that he is not harsh on the eyes makes him a superstar that is really shinning.


Check out Juanes website. (You can listen to clips of his music)

6 comments on “Juanes

  1. Pues bien por el hombre, genial que no se venda, pero la verdad la verdad no me gusta para nada su música. Aunque él como persona no parece ser tan malo.

  2. Juanes rocks and rules :-) He makes us all proud and I’m glad he insists in writing and singing in Spanish. I used to like Shakira a lot, but I find she has become too much of a commercial symbol.

  3. Hooolaa Juanes es lo maximo!!! es el orgullo de todos los latinoamericanos!!!! todos lo amamos!!!! es demasiado lindo y bueno y esta logrando mucho cantando solo es espanol ya que el solo suena y piensa n espanol un beso bye

  4. I love his music. Its about the only thing i ever listen to. I’m ok with him not translating the songs because that also gives me the chance to sharpen my skills by translating them myself.

  5. He’ s not a sell out? mmm need to research more bout his background, perhaps his former band mates from ekhymosis won’t think the same…..
    and by the way his music sucks, another bad image from Colombia

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