Its My BirF’Day

Thank you Daniel for the Birthday wish and the title for my post. Yes it is my Birf’day and I am going to party like its my BirF’day. Actually we partied yesterday to celebrate my birthday and we had an excellent time. Despite the weather conditions, we expected 6 inches over night, plenty of people made it out to the party some of them traveling over 2 hours to just make the celebration. I would like to thank all the people that made it out and made this a very special birthday.

I always think that there is not going to have enough food for the party and we end up with a lot of left overs the next day. We made Hot Dogs Colombian style (Pineapple topping and crushed potato chips), Arroz con Pollo, Congri, Papas Chorriadas, and other h’orderves. Lily, one of my coworkers traveled all the way from Novi, Michigan with her husband and prepared my favorite Chinese dish for me Jajang Mion. I was also lucky enough to get other gifts, which were all appreciated. I got gift certificates to my favorite stores and restaurants as well as some special birthday cards. Even thought we made the festivities BYOB, we also provided a little Sangria to celebrate.

Today is the actual date of my birthday and besides waking up right next to the woman I love I also got to have Jajang Mion for breakfast was awesome. Am I the only person that thinks that having “recalentado” (leftovers) for breakfast is awesome?

I also had a couple of online celebrities in my house. The AlmightyGuru (who lived up to his name being a wealth of information on our Scene It and Battle of the Sexes games) and MikeP and (star coder who just this week released a new version of his Weather software Seasonality) his wife Katrina all came out and had an excellent time.

I always like to remember this post about the day I was born the day of my birthday. Even though my Family could not be here with me for my birthday they all called me and gave thier good wishes over the phone. That and having my online friends send me their congratulations for another day lived is awesome. Now I have to update my little introduction to reflect another year lived.

They say success is not measured by the stuff that you have but by those around you, well I don’t think even Bill Gates can feel as lucky as I feel to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you everyone for making my birthday such a special day.

*** Update ***

I share a birthday with a fellow blogger and online friend (and I did not even know) stop by and give Jorge Q a Happy Birthday!

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  1. hey foo. happy birthday to ya! Sorry i couldn’t make it to the party over the weekend. but definately plan another LANtar and i’ll make that. even if you want to coem on over and jam over here. I got the room, and YOU HAVE NOT seen this house yet.

  2. Happy birthday big dawg! I was going to give you a call last night during your birthday, but I didn’t want to interrupt your family plans. :)

  3. Of course I am VERY LATE with this, but I wish you a happy and healthy new year of your life, Logtar! And everything else, you wish for.
    Kind regards

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