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I have loved reality TV since I was a little kid. Now you might all say that I am not that young, but I think I have been watching what people call reality TV for a long time. I think reality shows are mislabeled. I watched the premiere of Survivor Panama last night, and it was great. I think the show has done a good job of evolving into something that is still interesting to people. I am still not a true fan of survivor. I can say that I enjoy it, but I would not call it reality TV.

Survivor to me is not a reality show, while it is the mix of MTV’s the real world meets game show and American Gladiators, it is not something that should be considered reality TV. If there is a game involved or strategy I think reality TV really loses its right to use the name. The Real World used to be real, but right now the only MTV shows that I think can count as reality shows are Made and True Life. A show that you have to “cast” should not be considered reality TV anymore.

A show that might fall under the “reality” show umbrella but are true gems is MXC (go to Spike TV’s website to find information on the show, but wow, it is a perfect example of design overload… My brain was almost complety fried byt the overflow) that is actually a spoof on Takeshi’s Castle. Takeshi’s Castle reminds me of a show that used to watch as a kid back in Colombia but I cannot remember the full name of except for having the word “match” on its title.

I love documentaries; they are what I really consider reality TV. POV is a great show that you should try to catch on whenever you can. I have seen some of the greatest stories on that show and they can be considered true Reality TV.

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5 comments on “Reality TV

  1. TAKESHI’S CASTLE (aka in america: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) RULES!!!

    It’s like a real-life NES video game

  2. I think it’s fair to say that while Survivor wasn’t the 1st reality show ever created, it certainly did pave the road for the slew of shows that we have today. I followed a couple of seasons but after the third one, I completely lost interest.

    I do watch MTV’s Made and The Real World religiously. The Apprentice has gotten boring but I watch an episode every now and then.

  3. I loved Takeshi Castle … found it hilarious!

    Hey Happy Birthday :) Well at least where I’m at it is already Feb. 5

    Have a good one!

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