Reading this post might lead to addiction

I am a huge fan of puzzles and riddles. I have always loved solving them since I was a little kid. I also love playing chess and other mind games. It is like pumping iron with your brain. One of the arcades I used to frequent had a logo that was a muscle bulging arm with a brain for a bicep. I always thought it was cool and that image comes to mind when I think of exercising my mind.

Enter Sudoku an addition that I have been able to keep at bay because if I don’t it will consume the rest of my non-existent free time. It is a math puzzle of sorts that has exceptional addiction qualities. It is simple, it requires thinking and it is must of all fun. I just got a kids starter book for Ty and I hope that he enjoys it. You can play online, but be careful; it can be the beginning of a new addiction.

Car Skating?

That is what it felt like this morning trying to drive in the freezing rain. I have only experienced this kind of driving a couple of times and it is quite scary. Midway to work and almost 1 hour of driving a route that takes most days 20 minutes we headed back home and I decided to telecomute. Be safe out there.

Geek Tech

I am not sure why, but besides a couple of post on phishing and password security I have never really gotten into posting technology related stuff. However, I like this product that is about to come out quite a bit.

It’s the new Optimus keyboard, a fully programmable keyboard that has many applications. It will be awesome for gaming, but also Photoshop or any other programs that use shortcut keys. I can finally program Spanish letters to the keyboard, so that I don’t have to type 4 keystrokes just to get a ñ. The language applications are very impressive, just think of what it could mean to a language major or a translator. I think it will also really help people that use multiple software packages and do not memorize the keyboard layout for shortcuts. Let me know if you think is cool or not.