Fun With Fours

I’ve Been Tagged!

April tagged me to have fun with four… so lets have some fun!

Four Jobs You’ve Had

1. McDonalds Burger Flipper.
2. Clerck (White Hen Pantry)
3. Computer Lab Assistant/Student Tutor
4. Media Specialist (Best Buy)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. Blade
2. The Matrix
3. Wedding Crashers
4. 40 Year Old Virgin

Four Places You’ve Lived

1. Chicago, IL
2. Cali Colombia
3. Midland, MI
4. South Elgin, IL

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch

1. Miami Ink
2. Survivor
3. Smallville
4. Teen Titans

Four Favorite Books

1. Timeline, Michael Crichton
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Intensity, Dean Koontz
4. Digital Fortress, Dan Brown

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation

1. Popayan, Colombia
2. Lago Calima, Colombia
3. Harrisville, MI
4. Cancun, Mexico

Four Websites You Visit Daily

1. El Pais (Cali, Colombia Newspaper)
2. CLSB (Chicagoland Sportbikes)
3. W00T (Sales Every Day)
4. MetaCritic

Four Favorite Foods

1. Mexican Mole
2. Colombian Arroz Con Pollo
3. JaJang Mion
4. Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Four Places You’d Rather Be Right Now

1. Colombia
2. Barcelona
3. Visiting Chicago
4. Riding a Motorcycle

Four Bloggers You’re Tagging

2. Pol
3. Barry
4. Mike P

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