Reading this post might lead to addiction

I am a huge fan of puzzles and riddles. I have always loved solving them since I was a little kid. I also love playing chess and other mind games. It is like pumping iron with your brain. One of the arcades I used to frequent had a logo that was a muscle bulging arm with a brain for a bicep. I always thought it was cool and that image comes to mind when I think of exercising my mind.

Enter Sudoku an addition that I have been able to keep at bay because if I don’t it will consume the rest of my non-existent free time. It is a math puzzle of sorts that has exceptional addiction qualities. It is simple, it requires thinking and it is must of all fun. I just got a kids starter book for Ty and I hope that he enjoys it. You can play online, but be careful; it can be the beginning of a new addiction.

9 comments on “Reading this post might lead to addiction

  1. I don’t get the appeal of this one. I’ve tried it a couple of times, but don’t really get what’s so fascinating..

  2. lol…I have to admit that I was enjoying where this entry was going until you mentioned “puzzle.” Great past time but certainly not for me.

  3. Yeah, Sudoku is really addicting. The newspaper I work for is going to be adding it online in a very near future. We’ve all been playing it and when asked we just tell the boss man “We’re doing Q&A for a new online feature before we launch it.”

  4. A co-worker got me hooked on Sudoku – it’s perfect for between calls at work because I can put it down and then go back to it without ruining my concentration too much

  5. Yeah, I’ve been hooked since it first appeared in the DMN last August; I’m up to where I can do the four-star ratings, sometimes. And now all the books are coming out, so I don’t have to wait for the newspaper version to come out!

    I was going through the airport in December and bought Soduku for Dummies 2, so now I tear out pages to keep in my pocket in case of emergency boredom — like shopping with my wife!

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