Car Skating?

That is what it felt like this morning trying to drive in the freezing rain. I have only experienced this kind of driving a couple of times and it is quite scary. Midway to work and almost 1 hour of driving a route that takes most days 20 minutes we headed back home and I decided to telecomute. Be safe out there.

4 comments on “Car Skating?

  1. I hear you! We’re experience similar circumstances here in New York and another chilling night is forecasted. Be safe.

  2. That brutally cold freezing weather is the main thing that makes me hesitate about wanting to try living up north.

  3. Thank goodness I don’t live up there. It’s a nice 50 degrees or warmer here in Houston. As a matter of fact, during the holidays, it never got any colder than 54.

  4. por aca aun no ha caido nieve… es mas el clima esta medio loco, no esta haciendo tanto frio, como en otros anos!!!…

    Hace un par de anos, tras una nevada entre a un parking lot desocupado, que estaba cubierto totalmente de nieve… fue divertido jugar dejando huellas por todo el parking lot!!!

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