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I am not sure why, but besides a couple of post on phishing and password security I have never really gotten into posting technology related stuff. However, I like this product that is about to come out quite a bit.

It’s the new Optimus keyboard, a fully programmable keyboard that has many applications. It will be awesome for gaming, but also Photoshop or any other programs that use shortcut keys. I can finally program Spanish letters to the keyboard, so that I don’t have to type 4 keystrokes just to get a ñ. The language applications are very impressive, just think of what it could mean to a language major or a translator. I think it will also really help people that use multiple software packages and do not memorize the keyboard layout for shortcuts. Let me know if you think is cool or not.

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  1. I think the pricetag is around $300. A little steep just for gaming, but for professional use for a translator, programmer or a multi software user it might be worth the money.

  2. that keyboard is pretty cool, but after spending my whoping fifteen dollars on mine, i think i’m too committed to change :).

    and on the subject about writing about ‘tech’ related subjects, i’m the same way, i started my blog to write my opinion on things that go on in it and technology, but then after working as a programmer for the past 15 years, i started to realize that the last thing i wanted to do on my free time was write about my job..

    or possibly i’m just lazy. 😉

  3. That sounds like something I could use too. It is frustrating trying to type alot of keys like you said. I have been using character map and copying and pasting spanish accented letters, but that too takes forever. I want one, but being short on cash I guess I will just have to dream for a while.

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