“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.”
-Tao Te Ching

I was looking for a quotation on conflict, and then I found so much more. I have had a lot of thoughts running through my head lately. The decline of people using good manners, how our capitalist society seems to be consuming itself, and how to overcome these issues. I have come to the conclusion that it needs to begin at home. Teaching the new generation that manners breed respect. Also practicing polite and kind behaviours ourselves.

In a society so obsessed with winning, it seems that the notion that not every situation has to have a loser has been lost. We are so predisposed to conflict it at times makes me sick. People that automatically take an opposite view for the sake of argument do not accomplish anything. Yet our corporations are always trying to promote teamwork between people that have been taught since they were little that they need to be the best.

We have compromised so much to be number one, family, friends, community, and our sense of fellowship. Even though I am sad by the prospect that our society is getting to be more and more self absorbed I do have hope. I think that the Internet has opened up new doors to create community and bring back the sense of fellowship. I also think that sharing ideas is going to take us to the next level, something that had been somewhat dormant for a generation. I believe creativity and progress is moving us forward in this digital world.

From the quote above I can take many things, but concentrating on conflict I come to the conclusion that as a society we need to work on compromise. We need to erase the notion that for someone to be a winner there has to be a loser, and that helping others is more rewarding than simply getting ahead. Climbing a mountain is a great accomplishment; even if you do it alone you still need someone to tell the story to. The measure of success is not how much we have or know, but how we enjoy it with those around us. Please share your thoughts on the topic, or simply what the quote meant to you.

Relaxing Weekend

For a change this weekend was super relaxing. I have not come back to work and felt this refreshed in quite some time. Not even 3 day weekends have felt this good. Saturday we had some family and friends over to play some cards, we played some poker and had a good time… even though next time we will not clean the same day of the party, both Cielo and I were just exhausted by the time the people started showing up, but it was fun still.

Sunday we went to a bridal expo. While it was not as big as I had imagined, it was a nice size and the exhibitor were either nice or amusing. We talked to a lot of them and got some good leads as to what we are going to do for the wedding. We have a place for the tuxes now and ideas for a videographer. Things are starting to take shape and it is really exciting. We are going to try a medieval kind of theme for the wedding, so if you have any ideas of how to make that happen chime in. I also got some money off the tuxedo rentals by entering the money grabbing air thing… We will upload the pics latter on Pictures uploaded for your laughing pleasure.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, Project Colombia, weekend plans’ all in Logtar’s stereo mode.

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Que es Proyecto Colombia?

What is The Colombia Project? – English Version

Que es Proyecto Colombia? Esta es una pregunta que tratare de responder. En realidad lo que yo quiero es su apoyo en este nuevo camino que quiero empezar a caminar. Proyecto Colombia ha sido una de esas ideas que se le mete a uno en la mente y no lo deja tranquilo. Desde que nació ha tenido una voz muy tierna que me dice, bueno hermano cuando es que va a mostrarme al mundo. Lo mas interesante es que yo se que esa idea va a ser mucho mas grande que lo que yo he pensado, pero todo depende del apoyo que me den otros Colombianos, porque lo mas importante pare este proyecto es tener pan caliente.

Confundidos, espero que no mucho. En lo que he aprendido en la internet hasta el día de hoy, lo mas importante en un pagina es contenido. Sin contenido fresco y que la gente quiera consumir no hay buen sitio. Pero cual es el producto que vende Proyecto Colombia? Una imagen mas positiva de mi querida tierra por supuesto. Sigo bailando por el asunto y todavía no defino que es Proyecto Colombia.

Proyecto Colombia es una pagina de Web dedicada completamente a cambiarle la cara a Colombia en frente del Mundo. Proyecto Colombia tendrá noticias, artículos y fotos que intentaran mostrar el lado positivo de Colombia. También poco a poco será un recurso donde personas que necesitan información acerca de Colombia encontraran información franca acerca del país. Nunca negara lo malo pero si tratara de resaltar lo bueno mientras borra to incorrecto.

Como nació Proyecto Colombia. Primero fue el amor que tengo por mi patria, y poco a poco se mezcló con mí deseo interno de utilizar mis poderes de superhéroe cibernético para el bien. Hubo dos grandes catalizadores para que se formara la idea. Uno fue la ignorancia que los extranjeros le tienen al país, y de ahí se forma el miedo y el rechazo a lo que yo considero el país mas calido y con mas sabor en el mundo. El segundo catalizador fue conocer a personas que fueron nacidas en Colombia pero adoptadas por personas del exterior, y como la sangre los llama a la tierra pero muchos de ellos no tienen un lugar donde encontrar esa información.

Finalmente quiero decir que aunque esta idea que esta formándose en un sitio de Web no es solo mío, sino de todos los Colombianos que quieran cambiarle la cara a nuestro país.

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Understanding Violence

As an adult now I look back at many preconceptions I had about feeling safe. I felt safe when I was inside my house, or when my father was with me. I guess my family did a great job of sheltering me from ever feeling unsafe, or maybe I truly never had a reason not to feel less safe. My family decided to move to the US from Colombia for many reasons, but one of them was because it was safer than in our violence stricken country. Was that a huge misconception? Is the US truly a safer country?
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