Your Eyes

Inside your eyes I can see
More than you ever knew
Pain is erased inside of me
With a simple gaze from you

Your eyes tell a story
That cannot be told by words
Tales of pure glory
And triumphs that sing like birds

Your eyes to me are portals
To a world yet to be discovered
That holds a treasure not for all mortals
But just for me to recover

Inside your eyes I find
I always have a beacon
Not ever walking blind
Not ever feeling weakened

Your eyes mirror your soul
They vanish life’s trance
Once again making me whole
And ask mine to dance

With a simple glance
I see my future wife
I have a new chance
At this game called life

Mind Stretching

“Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

This quote is up there with my top five favorite ones. I would go as far as saying that I try to live by this quote. I had given up on a lot of ideas during my life, almost feeling like my childhood dreams of changing the world were just futile. The Internet changed all that and I believe that the occasional banter we have here and there helps us move further.

I think this is the new way of stretching minds, blogs and websites where you find information that sparks new thoughts. I have seen points of views on subjects that I had not considered before and every single day I feel like I learn a little more. What stretches your mind?

First pumpkin carved

I have never carved a pumpkin before, and while Halloween is celebrated in Colombia, it was not one celebrated to the point it is here. In Colombia we go all out for Christmas, with “El Pesebre” (the nativity scene) and other food and decorations. But Halloween is looked at as a kiddy holiday to dress up.

Cielo loves Halloween, I would venture to say that it is one, if not her favorite holiday. She got me into the spirit and we actually decorated the house. After doing some yardwork on Saturday, I decided to carve the pumpkin that Cielo had picked up for me.

I had a theme already in mind. I am a moderator at Chicago’s biggest and best motorcycle forum. Chicagolandsportbikes aka CLSB. So I decided to pay tribute to my handle as well as the website that I have been a part of since 03.

The pictures of my carving job are over on flickr. Cielo give me the tips to complete it and make the motorcycle come alive by leaving some pumpkin still there and taking off the skin. It was my first carving ever so be kind!

My Life’s Soundtrack

Music is a big part of my life. One post would never be enough to list all the music that I love, but I will make an honest attempt at compiling the sountrack to my life. It is sort of a self inflicted meme. Heck maybe I can get the rights to all these songs and sell the Logtar’s Soundtrack CD before even the movie gets made. I have one of the weirdest tastes in music, kind of like my food taste I like pretty much anything but refuse to eat a couple of dishes.
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