Weekend and Pets recap

I am so very sorry to have forgotten to mention Ty’s (Cielo’s son) fish Joey. He has two goldfish and has only named one. I also forgot to mention our new Betta :) … I will soon have a lot of pictures up, maybe go totally nuts and do a page about my pets. I did one for my computer so why not :)

The weekend was excellent, even though we are still unpacking and finding places for things we got to relax a little and even take a walk around the neighborhood. Friday I cannot remember too much except having a couple of drinks and watching stand up on Comedy Central, which was a blast. Saturday started with some much needed cleaning. Ty had a friend come over and pick him up for a play date, and when he was dropped off we were going to take both of them bowling, but Leagues had started already and they did not seem to excited about it anymore after they found my Dreamcast game collection. Then the grown-ups had a little play date with Cielo’s parents and sister. We played Eucher which I sucked at worse than the first time, but I will eventually get better.

Sunday was relaxing, we got to walk around the block which we had not done before. It was not the walk we were expecting since the temperatures outside felt about 10 below. But we do have a nice park about a block away with Soccer, Basketball, Sandbox and the jungle gym works. Then Sunday night we watched movies and relaxed. (Newsflash)A little sneak peak at the engagement ring was just uploaded ;). Watched Oceans 11 and Troy. So how was your weekend?


Post about Pets :)

I am an animal lover, and during my life I have had a multitude of pets. I was just having a conversation with Cielo about it and I thought it would be a perfect thing to post about. I think most people have or had pets in the past and even those that have left us can still bring a smile.

One of the first pets I can remember as a child was a dog, his name was Mitsiu and he was a crazy little mutt. He had non-stop energy that used to drive my Mom crazy. I also had other dogs during my childhood but the one I can remember the most is Duchess. She was a Rott and the most loving dog I have ever had. She was very protective of me even from my own family, extremely playful and full of energy. We could not bring her to the US because of the money and time involved with bringing a pet from foreign soil. She went to a very good home. I used to work at a Bakery right before we moved to the US and she went to live at the Baker’s home, he used to see the dog on a regular basis with me and loved it.

Now I have 3 cats Shayla, Damian and Cricket. They just came together a couple of weeks ago Cielo having Damian and Cricket before and I having Shayla. They got along pretty good until a couple of days ago, now Shayla and Damian have been going at it, but they seemed calmer yesterday. Shayla is the first cat I have ever had, my Mom was not a fan of them. In some senses I like cats better than dogs, but they both have their pros and cons I guess :) Dog lover turned Cat lover… but at the end it all depends on the individual pet. Damian is the oldest but he has some spunk left. Until a couple of days I thought he was just the coolest cat around, he likes everyone and loves to lay on your lap. I know you have all seen how fights between animals are represented in cartoons, well reality is not far from that because the time that I saw Damian and Shayla going at it, it looked exactly like that. A could of smoke with limbs flying all over. It was funny to see; hopefully soon they will be just sleeping right next to each other.

I also have fish now, they are Cielo’s but hey I can claim them now too ;). She has 2 convicts and 2 electric cichlids. An not to forget Harley the Pl*co that was featured in the moblog a couple of days ago. I have kept fish through most of my life as well as working at a pet store that specialized on fish. I have kept Angels, Gold Fish, Guppies, Mollies, Gouramies, Danios, Neons and Corys. I am looking forward to building a little hatchery in our basement and having a couple of big display tanks in the near future.

Surprisingly enough I have not had many birds, I did have a little one growing up that was with us for over 10 years. The bird seemed happy and used to sing all the time. But birds for the most part do not look too happy in cages and in retrospective I am not sure that it is a good idea to keep birds. Wow, I am not even sure I ever want to have birds again. Well maybe a parrot :)

I am reptile clueless, I had a turtle once but the thing used to bury itself in the backyard for weeks at a time and just come out once in a while. Lizards and snakes are popular pets here in the States but back in Colombia you see them so often in the while that is like trying to make a pet out of a squirrel here. I would not mind having some lizards in the house.

I did not have all kinds of rodents but did have probably about 5 hamsters. I don’t remember their names anymore but they were ok pets. It is hard to bond with them because they are nocturnal so they pretty much just keep you awake at night and when you want to see them they are deep in their dreams.

Last but not least are my insects. I do not keep insects anymore but I used to make my own ant farms growing up. I used to put them in jars with durt and watch them make tunnels and such. My Mom thought for sure that I would be a veterinarian… who knows maybe some day I will.

So what pets do you have now… what pets can you remember from when you were growing up?

Feliz Birthday to my Blog

So my blog turns 1 year old yesterday and I don’t even celebrate, well I think we can celebrate today right :)

I have had a personal website since 1997 when the first iteration of my site was born. I believe that one is not in existent anymore. I used to go by the Devil_Paco handle back then and only a handful of people know the history behind that. I then had a geocities account until 2003 when I bought my first domain some time in December that year.

I had put up a couple of blogs on the free sites but just did not like what they offered, they lacked something. Then I found a blog that really changed the way I looked at personal sites and blogs in general. I almost forgot to thank the author but I did not. My blog then developed into what it is now. At first there was tons of memes and just rambling, then I started to write reviews from books and movies. My favorite category has to be culture where I think most of the best writing has happened. I have improved my writing with tons of help, and even thought it is not the best I think it does amuse a couple of people :)

Other highlights of the year are my most commented post, closely followed by one of the most touching posts. And of course one of the most visited the only recipe I have posted! I hope all of you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. May the force be with you and lets keep on blogging :)

New Year Quotes

“Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage
and true progress.”
— Lloyd Alexander

“A man without ambition is dead. A man with ambition but no love is dead. A man
with ambition and love for his blessings here on earth is ever so alive.”
— Pearl Bailey

Optimism and ambition are the two words I want to start this New Year. I do not want to list new years resolutions rather I want to talk about a vision. This year I want to improve myself, to experience true progress in my life through self-actualization. I want to become a better person more self aware not only of my shortcomings but also of my achievements. I also want to be grateful for my blessings.

I have a new life, and I am a new man. I have met the love of my life and she has already changed who I am for the better. She also makes me want to be a better person.

The first quote really talks about how I think about life. I believe in positive thinking and all that can be accomplished through it. Doubt can always hinder optimism, but we have to believe, have faith and just know that we are capable of the impossible.

The second quote has a lot of meaning now that I have love in my life. It is really important to have ambition but you need love to steer that ambition in the right direction.

I wish everyone a happy 2005 may you accomplish every goal you set!