Christmas Caroling with Neighbors

The street that I moved into does something special for Christmas every year. They get together and go house to house on our street and sign Christmas Carols. This tradition has been ongoing for 50 years, as one of the people that we sang to attested to. Charlie was the guy that organized it this year, and I believe he has been in charge for quite some time. It does not take much to put it together, but it really makes a difference. We were wondering who would carry on the torch after Charlie cannot do it anymore.

Every single house we went to greeted us with treats, cookies, banana bread, candy canes, chocolates… you name it. I want to learn more songs; I did not know half of the songs. Growing up in Colombia I learned the Colombian Christmas carols that we call “Villancicos.” While we have some of the same songs like Silent Night “Noche de Paz” and The little drummer boy “El Tamborilero” there are a lot of other songs that are completely different.

I think caroling is an awesome tradition. One of the things that I miss the most about Colombia is the sense of community that I felt back in the old neighborhood. While this tradition is only a once a year thing, it gives me that sense of community that I miss. Christmas is a very festive time in Colombia with a lot of traditions around December. “La Novena” is the tradition of getting together every night for nine days before the 25th to pray and sign around “El Pesebre” The nativity scene. Kids from the neighborhood go from house to house and pray and sign as the story of Joseph and Marry traveling to Bethlehem is told. The 24th, the last day of this tradition some people actually give the kids small gifts, some others prepare food on that day. Yesterday the caroling had some of that safe feel.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

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  1. wow i am deft and i think that is awesome! I wish some of the people in my town would do that. Marry Christmas!

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