Infamous (Los Cuatro Amigos Saga)

In February of 2004 I wrote a post about my favorite restaurant being closed. Since then a lot has happened with the Chain. Back in those days they were just about to open a location close to where I work. Now they have another location really close to my house. I frequent both all the time. I forgot about the post, but I was reminded today.

About a month ago one of my coworkers asked me if they had a picture of me at Los Cuatro Amigos in Midland. I thought of their Birthday Wall, where they take pictures of people with a big “sombrero” and me never been there for a birthday. He insisted that my picture was behind the counter and I simply thought he was totally joking. I visited the restaurant since then but did not see a picture behind the counter, and looked at their birthday wall for someone that looked like me but nothing.

Today I went to the restaurant for dinner with my coworker and his wife. We had a great time having some good food. Then as we get ready to pay the guy behind the counter asked me if my last name was Guzman. He said that he did not even have to look at my credit card. I was a little puzzled, then he said that I had not been there in a while… I became even more confused about the situation until he brought up my website. You see, since then I have actually written a good review in Yahoo, but it seems like people looking online for the restaurant keep on finding the rant about me not being able to eat there anymore. I guess bad press at times is more powerful than good press. I wish the owner had contacted me earlier, from what he told me people constantly told him about the bad review.

The owner was very nice to me, and I offered to correct the post. It seems that my sources back then did not have the story straight about closing the restaurant health issues but for a code violation. In the end all the locations, Bay City, Saginaw and Midland are doing quite good. I enjoy the restaurant quite a bit and visit it quite often. The Midland location serves Milanesa, which is one of my favorite Mexican dishes. I just hope that they did not have a picture of me behind the counter with a price attached for the guy that gave the restaurant bad press. Who knows maybe now I will get to know the owner, his first name is actually my middle name.

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  2. goes to show some people just like to complain for no good reason, this guzman fool still eats the restaunt! asshole!

  3. Jeffrey, you obviously have issues reading. The whole post was cleared up and even Federico (who owned the place back when this was posted) was ok with the whole thing. If you are going to work at a place, try not to insult your future customers, just a thought.

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