The Biggest Loser Finale

Besides survivor, which I was not a fan of until a couple of seasons ago, reality TV is not all that popular with us. I don’t dislike it, but at times I find it boring. Not the Biggest Loser. I watched most of season one, but I did end up watching season two religiously and got Cielo into it too.

The show has contestants compete against each other in a weight loss challenge to determine the biggest loser. This season it was men vs. women and even though it did not really crush the idea that men have an easier time losing weight than women, it made for an interesting interaction.

The show gives the contestant a chance to live in a ranch away from the “real” world where they have a gym available to them around the clock. The biggest advantage they have is their personal trainers. Not only do they push them to work out like maniacs, but they also help them out with their nutrition. Two very good personal trainers, Jillian and Bob, help each of their teams achieve their goals. I think that Bob does a better job from what I have seen on the show. He attacks the emotional aspect of the weight and empowers people to feel better about themselves. Now, it is not secret that I battle with my weight all the time because my metabolism seemed to not be Y2k compliant. I have a hard time losing weight even though I love working out. My biggest problem is food intake. I love food.

At the ranch the contestants still face temptations regularly. Sweets seem to be the order of the day when they want to get people to cheat. Surprisingly everyone for the most part keeps focused and sticks to their diet.

The show is more about changing lives than losing weight. I think the trainers do an excellent job of teaching people how to interact with the “real” world and keep to their diets. I know what to do to eat healthy, and I know each day that I eat something bad is a decision I make. While I could sit here and say that I try to eat healthy the reality is that I love fried foods way too much. Carbs forget it, I cannot live without them. I have tried. I also know that I can work out like a maniac and still accomplish nothing without watching my caloric intake.

The finale was not as good as the rest of the series. I think they tried to do a whole “lets copy survivor’s finale” and ended up kind of just making it too long, too anticlimatic. It was amazing to see the last 3 finalst change so much, but everything else just made it too long. I would have rather have it be a one hour finale instead of two.

I am not sure if watching this season will be the thing that motivates me to lose weight. I know after thanksgiving I hit a weight that I have not been for probably 5 years. All I know is that the transformation the people in the show experienced seemed to be life changing for all of them. The after pictures for both Matt and Pete are just simply amazing. They seemed very proud of themselves, and like the show’s theme song says… what have you done today to make you feel proud?

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