Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (****)

I have to admit I am partial here. I love the book series and I have grown to love the movies also. After being somewhat disappointed with some aspects of the movies, re-watching them on DVD and hearing some interviews with J.K. Rowling has made me understand that her vision is intact even if the details in the movies are not all hers. It is exciting to think that she has a very open approach and it is not a purist. If the author is not, why should I be?

The movie is an action filled with exceptional special effects. The CGI only was very noticeable twice during the movie and not enough to bother me. The events felt very real and the choice to center the movie on the Triwizard tournament was the right one.

One of my disappointments were not seeing more of the world cup, quiditch is one of my favorite aspects of the book. The other was the acting. Radcliffe is not a bad actor and neither is Grint, but Emma Watson keeps on disappointing me. Her look fits Hermoine but her acting at times seems forced and unnatural. I am aware that she is acting and it detracts from the movie. Grint is probably my favorite actor of the 3, he really makes me believe he is Ron every single scene. All the casting fit the new characters except for Madame Maxine who looked nothing like I had imagine her, and Moody who was not at all like what I had pictured him my head. I also miss Richard Harris, Gambon seemed like he was going to be a good Dumbledore but his performance in this movie did not give the feel of the greatest wizard that ever lived.

The action scenes were done very well, it was exciting to watch. Voldemort was even more repulsive than I had imagined him and Ralph Fiennes’ performance was a lot better than what I had imagined while reading the book. I should not have expected less from the guy that did Red Dragon. Having the other school’s visit Hogwarts was done very well. The movie is a must watch in the theaters. Go now, what are you waiting for.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
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5 comments on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (****)

  1. Well I’m pretty exited and anxious to watch this film. It will be on movies here in Colombia next friday, so I’ll be commenting again to tell you my opinion about it :)

    Take care 😉

  2. No sé, no me gusta Harry Potter. Y tampoco me gusta, pero para nada, pero bueno… Happy Thanksgiving man!

  3. I saw this last weekend and really enjoyed it, though like you, I wish they’d had more of the Quidditch Cup — esp. seeing the “professionals” play. It’s a catch-22, esp. when I realized it still clocked in at over two hours, even with all of the missing material. I would say the one drawback this film had compared to the others is that there was no “mystery” to reveal or solve. But, I agree on Ralph Fiennes and he was also in Schindler’s List where he played a purely evil Nazi. I agree with you on Rupert and Daniel, and I think Emma seems to have great expressions but her speaking does come across as over-doing it.

  4. I saw it opening weekend and loved it. I haven’t read any of the books, but i’ve enjoyed all of the movies. Ron has got to be my favorite character.

  5. You say quidditch is one of your favorite aspects of the books. You might be tickled to know that a friend’s description of quidditch is what convinced me to pick up the books in the first place. He said:

    “It’s just exactly like soccer except that there are four balls, and none of the players’ feet may touch the ground at any time.”

    I’ve never been sorry for reading them, either. :)

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