The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (****)

I cannot believe how adult this book is. I also cannot believe that I did not read more as a kid, this book has been out forever and I never even knew about it. The only children’s book that I remember reading during my childhood was The Little Prince, which I have been meaning to get for Ty.

The book has an excellent story full of magic and mystery. In its short length it manages to develop a full story that unravels at just the correct pace except for the end that felt a little rushed. I felt the last chapter felt a little too much like the movies that hint to a sequel. Somehow the Harry Potter series has managed to do that in a way that I don’t feel bad about.

The story definitely had a very Christian undertone and almost a parable like feel to it. The themes throughout the story developed each character in such a way that they change to become something a lot better. Also I was surprised that it was not presented as they simply grew up, but that they actually changed traits in their personalities.

Without giving much away, there are many things that Lewis borrows directly from religion. The thought of redemption, forgiveness and doing things for the greater good is shown throughout the book. The sense of adventure is present enough to make you want to get to the next chapter.

I was also very interested in the sense of different magic, and the notion of almost the power of God being portrayed as very ancient powerful magic. There is a sense of right and wrong, and good and evil but they surprisingly coexist in an almost yin and yan balance. Nothings lasts forever, and I am very interested in reading the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia. I give this book full stars and think that you should check it out. It could be a fun library afternoon for sure.

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5 comments on “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (****)

  1. glad you like it. I’ll warn you the other books aren’t as captivating. However, i like the last battle quite a bit and the magician’s nephew is a good prequel to the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

  2. I’ve read the series three times now (twice in the last two years of my life, which is also known as my adult years). And i still love it. I think I like it most because of the religous undertones.

  3. I watched a little bit of the older movie of this when I minored in religious studies in my undergrad because of the religious undertones.

  4. Definitely some of the best books for kids…and parents. Also, be sure to check out The Phantom Tollbooth, and Charlotte’s Web.

    Reading with kids is easily the greatest experience ever.

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