Interrogatory Redux

A while ago, and when I say a while I mean 2 months ago Cielo found this interesting Meme via B.O.B.I.… basically you get interviewed, you interview others… get it, got it, good… I have been waiting for questions from Dan for a while and well it seem like the wait was worth it because the questions are just not tough they are near impossible to answer. But I will be a good sport and give it a try… also to keep the meme spirits happy, if you want to be interviewed go ahead and tag me.

1) Would you accept $1,000,000 to leave the country and never set foot in it again?
Since becoming an American I have not only grown to think of this land as home, but I have also invested a lot into building a family here. I would say that 1 million is not enough to do that, now a sum of money that will allow me to relocate my entire family and friends to a tropical island with high speed internet and never have to work again in my life, I would consider it.

2) Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers? What if you could keep $1,000,000 or give away $20,000,000?
10,000 will help pay some bills right now but I would for sure chose to give the money away. I truly believe that money is not everyting in life and sometimes the real joy of having a million is earning it. While I would not turn away winning the lotto. This is a lot easier to answer hypothetically, not sure if faced with the actual decision if I would still hold true to my convictions, especially if it was a million. I would like to think that I would still want the greater good. The ‘stranger’ part is what kind of bothers me, if it was to my family, I would not hesitate a second. Would not want to be responsible for giving money to the wrong people.

3) By controling medical research funds, you are in the position to guarantee that a cure will be found in 15 years for any disease you choose. Unfortunately, no progress on any others will be made during that period. Would you target one disease? If so, which one and why?
I think Cancer, I cannot believe that we still don’t have a cure for cancer. I believe it affects a lot more people and it does not discriminate. Heart disease the other big killer can be prevented, and HIV can also be prevented. Most forms of cancer cannot be prevented, you can lower your cancer risk but not eliminate it, so that is the one I would choose.

4) If you had to choose, would you rather go blind or deaf?
This one is very easy for me to answer, I would chose deaf. My interest in ASL and just overall experience with the deaf community would put me two steps ahead if I ever had to deal with it.

5) Would you accept 20 years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant that you would die at the end of that period?
I’m not sure, I really don’t know what 20 years look like. I don’t remember all of my childhood and 20 years ago seems so far away yet such a short period of time. I think that happiness is more about the journey than the destination, and 20 years of extraordinary happiness does not seem very fullfilling to me… how would you know the good times if you don’t have the bad times.

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