I love origami. As a little kid in the classroom I would always be folding something. My favorite shapes were frogs and little spaceships. I have not done origami in a while but today both Cielo and I kept a dollar from a HUGE lotto Jackpot that we won, LOL. So I decided to fold my dollar. I had seen the bowtie dollar before, but I found one a little more interesting so that is what my dollar ended up being.

During college, one of my buddies was almost obsessed with making birds. They made for some humorous noises in the middle of class, some of my friends did some unusual bird calls. They would mostly just end up flying around. I know, how “third grade of us” to act like this in college, but at times the digital security class would just get super boring.

We actually encountered Origami earlier this week. A lady a couple of streets from us was giving away little origami kits instead of candy. I thought that was excellent. A house earlier gave Ty the choice of play-doh or candy. The play-doh I found cool but did not impress me as much as the origami kit which included a frog already folded by the lady.

A funny story from the whole trick or treating night was created thanks to my dorkyness. At time I can be a huge dork. The lady giving out the frogs had an awesome house. Stained glass windows and a bench up front decorated with licenses plates. Cielo and I were kind of hanging by the sidewalk, as Tyler would walk to the front doors. The lady’s house also had a pretty cool looking front yard garden. As Tyler was saying thank you, I told the lady “beautiful house…” she gave me a weird look and said thank you. I should have stopped there with the attempts at compliments for the night, but, no, there was no such luck.

Later on a Mom and Son were actually sitting on the front porch giving out candy. After the lady had given the candy to Tyler and he started walking back I noticed a kitty hanging behind the glass storm door. I proceeded to very innocently say “Pretty kitty”. Even though the lady was wearing pants she must have taken it the wrong way because she gave me an embarrassed look and promptly closed her legs in a reflex like motion. Cielo and I waited until we turned the corner to start laughing… but it was just hilarious. Thankfully the lady did turn around and saw that her kitty was sitting right by the door, but at the time it was already too late and she seemed at a loss for words.

Hope it was not one of those you had to be there kind of moments. Going back to the original subject, I find origami relaxing and rewarding. Some might say it is an art, I find it more of a recreational tool. So did you ever do any origami growing up? Still do? Love it? Hate it?

7 comments on “Origami

  1. Never learned how to do but the kids did learn some in school. I think that stuff is pretty cool. Amazing what you can do with paper!

  2. …a hilarious Halloween!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ What’s wrong with being dorky once in a while anyway? Not a thing I say!

  3. I posted a comment on flickr, but I figured I’d put my two cents here too. I love that pic, it’s so tripped out how much it looked like a shirt!

  4. I think someone is setting us up… and I think I know who it is. His name is John, you know, the person who can’t stand Kris and I. Please don’t be angry at me. I read the comment you sent and totally freaked out ((sad)) I deleted it, but here is what it said:

    “what a complete loser you are. i really think youโ€™re a piece of crap. you should just kill yourself you idiot”….

    John might have even posted that comment to pose as if it was you… that lousy bastard!

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