Que es Proyecto Colombia?

What is The Colombia Project? – English Version

Que es Proyecto Colombia? Esta es una pregunta que tratare de responder. En realidad lo que yo quiero es su apoyo en este nuevo camino que quiero empezar a caminar. Proyecto Colombia ha sido una de esas ideas que se le mete a uno en la mente y no lo deja tranquilo. Desde que nació ha tenido una voz muy tierna que me dice, bueno hermano cuando es que va a mostrarme al mundo. Lo mas interesante es que yo se que esa idea va a ser mucho mas grande que lo que yo he pensado, pero todo depende del apoyo que me den otros Colombianos, porque lo mas importante pare este proyecto es tener pan caliente.

Confundidos, espero que no mucho. En lo que he aprendido en la internet hasta el día de hoy, lo mas importante en un pagina es contenido. Sin contenido fresco y que la gente quiera consumir no hay buen sitio. Pero cual es el producto que vende Proyecto Colombia? Una imagen mas positiva de mi querida tierra por supuesto. Sigo bailando por el asunto y todavía no defino que es Proyecto Colombia.

Proyecto Colombia es una pagina de Web dedicada completamente a cambiarle la cara a Colombia en frente del Mundo. Proyecto Colombia tendrá noticias, artículos y fotos que intentaran mostrar el lado positivo de Colombia. También poco a poco será un recurso donde personas que necesitan información acerca de Colombia encontraran información franca acerca del país. Nunca negara lo malo pero si tratara de resaltar lo bueno mientras borra to incorrecto.

Como nació Proyecto Colombia. Primero fue el amor que tengo por mi patria, y poco a poco se mezcló con mí deseo interno de utilizar mis poderes de superhéroe cibernético para el bien. Hubo dos grandes catalizadores para que se formara la idea. Uno fue la ignorancia que los extranjeros le tienen al país, y de ahí se forma el miedo y el rechazo a lo que yo considero el país mas calido y con mas sabor en el mundo. El segundo catalizador fue conocer a personas que fueron nacidas en Colombia pero adoptadas por personas del exterior, y como la sangre los llama a la tierra pero muchos de ellos no tienen un lugar donde encontrar esa información.

Finalmente quiero decir que aunque esta idea que esta formándose en un sitio de Web no es solo mío, sino de todos los Colombianos que quieran cambiarle la cara a nuestro país.

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Understanding Violence

As an adult now I look back at many preconceptions I had about feeling safe. I felt safe when I was inside my house, or when my father was with me. I guess my family did a great job of sheltering me from ever feeling unsafe, or maybe I truly never had a reason not to feel less safe. My family decided to move to the US from Colombia for many reasons, but one of them was because it was safer than in our violence stricken country. Was that a huge misconception? Is the US truly a safer country?
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Are good manners dead?

I think being polite is one of the most important things in someone’s upbringing. I try to address people as Sir in professional settings. Even online I try to be as respectful as I can. It seems to me that other people do not understand manners and what is polite or not in today’s world. Take this article for example; (Manners, courtesy things of the past?)

Excerpts from the article.

Nearly 70 percent of the 1,001 people surveyed in an Associated Press-Ispos poll said they feel people are more rude than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Those living in densely populated cities said they see more instances of bad manners than those living in rural areas.

People now a days look at the values from 20 or 30 years ago as laughable. Why would someone walk around all shinny and happy like in the movies? Is Pleasantville such a bad place to live?

Aside from that movie being about a sheltered place from the past, it did have a lot of positives to draw from. People being polite and courteous towards one another in every day life can go a long way. Watching a stand up performance by Ellen Degeneres the other day I was really not laughing as much as saddened by her pointing out that when people ask; how are you doing? they are really just expecting a one word answer; anything beyond that would be considered a drag on someone’s time.

Ninety-three percent of those surveyed said they blame parents the most for the deterioration of etiquette. Others have blamed Hollywood and the media for glorifying crude behavior.

Hollywood at times really gets on my nerves, don’t even get me started on how they portray Colombia… but as far as rudeness I do believe that they have done their share of glorifying crude behavior, where thug, rough and bad boy images are representative of being ‘cool’. I do believe that parents are the most responsible. I know my parents were strict, but it taught me a lot about respect. I had to answer to my Mom, yes Mom after she would address me. Now something like that would be almost laughed at in our society.

Sonia Valerez, 41, of Victorville and mother of two, said she blames the increased population since the 1960s. She said that longer lines everywhere and the dog-eat-dog mentality needed to negotiate a crowd these days has led to people becoming increasingly inconsiderate of each other.

“It just seems like there’s people everywhere, you know,” said Valerez. “We spend so much time just fighting for ourselves that we don’t have time to worry about other people’s feelings. Nice guys finish last.”

Valerez said that she tries hard to teach her youngsters to respect the elderly.

“I tell them older people are some one’s parents, probably,” she said. “Treat old people like you would treat me. That’s where I draw the line.”

Is our society moving forward while forgetting the good things from the past. Some of the values that I think of when I hear the word respect or manners are now lost or viewed as antiquated by today’s standards. I used to be a gentleman, but after being in the dating world and even at work and getting chastised by women saying I can do it myself, don’t treat me like a woman, I lost a lot of that if not all of it.

I remember one day walking in the parking toward the office, I was new at this company at the time and back then had not worked with many women but this office was about 80% female. As I got closer to the building I see one of the people that I had seen around my department struggling with a couple of boxes. I asked, “Can I help you carry those.” She turned around with an offended look in her face and said “Do you think that because I am a women I cannot carry them myself?” I apologized and kept on walking. This happened in other occasions, to the point that I just stopped trying to help women carry things and even stopped holding doors.

Every morning as I enter the building that I work at now, I say good morning to the receptionist. When I first started here she almost looked surprised at me saying good morning. What is sad is that I am one of a handful of people that I have see do it. The receptionist herself does not greet the people that work for the company every morning as they come in. Greeting people to me is very important; it establishes that human connection that I think is missing in our society. While we all live in our own little worlds there is nothing wrong with building bridges with others by greeting people with simple smile or a kind word.

What is sadder is how our society sees the elderly. They are not a resource to us anymore but rather a burden. My Mother made me promise as a kid that I would never send her to a nursing home; I can only hope to be able to fulfill that promise. I think the concept of respecting your elders is lost in today’s youth, and the disconnection that we have with our elders even in our generation gets to the point that reconnecting requires complete rewiring. We try to empathize with our kids on how we felt that our parents did not understand us, or did not get us. I think today’s kids lack the sense that your parents know best, that I think our generation still did somewhere in the back of our heads.

So where do we go from here? I looked for guides to good manners and found this link. While it is a good start and it has a lot of tips for people that are parents, I believe that it takes making the decision that from today on I will try to be more polite. Say thanks, and greet people with a smile… and when you say how are you doing? mean it.