First pumpkin carved

I have never carved a pumpkin before, and while Halloween is celebrated in Colombia, it was not one celebrated to the point it is here. In Colombia we go all out for Christmas, with “El Pesebre” (the nativity scene) and other food and decorations. But Halloween is looked at as a kiddy holiday to dress up.

Cielo loves Halloween, I would venture to say that it is one, if not her favorite holiday. She got me into the spirit and we actually decorated the house. After doing some yardwork on Saturday, I decided to carve the pumpkin that Cielo had picked up for me.

I had a theme already in mind. I am a moderator at Chicago’s biggest and best motorcycle forum. Chicagolandsportbikes aka CLSB. So I decided to pay tribute to my handle as well as the website that I have been a part of since 03.

The pictures of my carving job are over on flickr. Cielo give me the tips to complete it and make the motorcycle come alive by leaving some pumpkin still there and taking off the skin. It was my first carving ever so be kind!

5 comments on “First pumpkin carved

  1. I love Halloween too…would have to say it’s my favorite holiday! And that is a great looking pumpkin! Good job!

  2. I’m strived to maintain the tradition of carving a pumpkin for the house every year and set it by the window. Of course, times have change ever since I went out and celebrated Halloween but I keeping the theme and feeling in mind is important I would say.

  3. Yo no celebro Halloween, but your pumpkin looks great!!! ya sabes que si te va
    mal en lo que haces, te puedes dedicar a tallar calabazas!! jajajaja

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