HNT Half-Nekkid Thursday (Dragon Tattoo)

If you have read the about me page and clicked around to 100 things, you will have found out that I have a tattoo. I love tattoos, and it is an addiction that I have kept somewhat at bay, but I want to get more tattoos as soon as I have more money.

Tattoos were something that I thought my parents would never approve of. I actually hid my first tattoo for a while. My first tattoo is actually part of the dragon now. You can see the Colombian flag in the middle of the tattoo that was the first thing I ever had inked. Then I wanted more around the flag, and while dragons have been a popular tattoo, I decided to do it. The dragon is Asian, and I consider it Korean because it has 4 toes. It tattoo took two sittings, first outline, then color. I believe it took about 7 hours total, 8 if you include my very first one.

Dragon Tattoo

18 Responses to HNT Half-Nekkid Thursday (Dragon Tattoo)

  1. Very nice tat!!

    I’m up. Happy HNT!

  2. love your tattoo!!!! :) im wantin to get some colour added to mine – hopin to do it in the next couple of months so ive got time to keep it covered before summer :)

    nice arms too 😉

  3. Hmmmmmmm…. I do have to admit that tattoos are not quite my world, too lasting, too irreversible for my fears of getting stuck in my life. But Dragons! Oh yes!
    And this is a lovely one.

  4. Wow that’s really cool!

  5. When I was a teen I wanted a bar code in my arm… never did it!!! now I don’t like tattoos, but that’s a personal decision, es como comerse los mocos, problema de cada quien!!… pero bacano el simbolo patrio entre el dragon!!

  6. Wow, that’s an awesome tattoo! Happy HNT!

  7. Nice Tat! Happy HNT

  8. Nice work on that tat! Cheers and happy HNT!

  9. I love your tat!
    Its beautiful! The way you incorporated the flag in with the dragon was genius!
    fantastic HNT! I LOVE IT!

  10. Beautifully done……

    I know you haven’t been by in a while, but I posted one of the better wedding pictures on my blog profile if you are interested……

    Have a great day & God bless….

  11. That’s beautiful work!
    Happy HNT~

  12. Genial! Y Feliz HNT! Sea lo que sea…

  13. Beautiful tattoo! I love them too :)

  14. Doesn’t look done yet. My brother n law just got a huge budda on his back and a koi on his ribcage area. Looks crazy!

  15. Sorry about the late comment! Hey, kewl dragon…. and you want MORE tatoos?! Wheew.

  16. I just made an appointment for my next tattoo. I get one tattoo in honor of each of my kids. After Bailey was born, I got a cross with her name on a ribbon wrapped around it on my right upper arm. Next Thursday I’m going in for Mason’s tattoo: A shamrock with his name in celtic type letters on a ribbon wrapped around it. Chances are I’m going to get it on the inside, upper area of my right forearm.

    I’ll post a picture when I’ve gotten it done.

  17. I love tattoos. HHNT!

  18. Well, almost 30 and I think I am going to finally break down and get some ink. Any regrets from yours?

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