Relaxing Weekend

For a change this weekend was super relaxing. I have not come back to work and felt this refreshed in quite some time. Not even 3 day weekends have felt this good. Saturday we had some family and friends over to play some cards, we played some poker and had a good time… even though next time we will not clean the same day of the party, both Cielo and I were just exhausted by the time the people started showing up, but it was fun still.

Sunday we went to a bridal expo. While it was not as big as I had imagined, it was a nice size and the exhibitor were either nice or amusing. We talked to a lot of them and got some good leads as to what we are going to do for the wedding. We have a place for the tuxes now and ideas for a videographer. Things are starting to take shape and it is really exciting. We are going to try a medieval kind of theme for the wedding, so if you have any ideas of how to make that happen chime in. I also got some money off the tuxedo rentals by entering the money grabbing air thing… We will upload the pics latter on Pictures uploaded for your laughing pleasure.

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  1. Hi! Yeah, I still lurk around here now and again :)

    Anyway, I wanted to extend a hand. I just planned an Irish themed wedding, complete with bag pipes. It turned out really nice. We visited several Highlands Festivals (can also be useful for a Medieval, Renaissance type of theme, since Celtic Lore was as much a part of the styles and beliefs of the time as it was for the Scottish and Irish.), and I frequented SO MANY sites on how to plan an ‘Irish Wedding’. I just googled ‘Irish Themed Wedding’ ideas, and it turned up a lot of sites.

    Here is a good site for a bunch of links and ideas on Medieval wedding themes:

    Also, a great site to help get oranized is:

    And another for products and such:

    I ordered my invites from David’s Bridal’s website, only because I found the style I wanted with a claddaugh at the top. It fit perfectly. But there are SEVERAL sites that offer wedding invites for this theme. Here are two that I found through a quick google of ‘Medieval Wedding Invitations’:

    And one last link I have found:

    I found that for my themed wedding, it was best to have the ceremony completely themed, and leave the reception with just touches of the theme. I didn’t go all out and have Irish food (Shephards Pie, ect), and Irish music through the whole thing. I just added the touches in the cake (it was COVERED in shamrocks on the top layer, and then scattered on the other layers), flutes, and a TINY bit in the decor (green table cloths with white linens). I thought it best to let the people have a great time, eat some great and familiar food, and boogie to well known music. It was much easier planning the reception around our guests, and making them comfortable, than it was planning around our interests… we just kept minimal details. Heck, ‘our’ song wasn’t even Irish.

    But it was completely Irish with the ceremony and honeymoon (we actually spent a week in Ireland). I found it more important for the two of us to celebrate our interests and heritage in the most intimate portions of our celebration, and allow the guests to have fun and be relaxed without wondering why I was serving turkey legs and brie. :)

    I really hope this helps…. Congrats and best of luck. If you need anything, let me know. Just been there and done all of that :) And trust me, you’re going about it the right way – it’s easier with a theme, and knowing what you want.

    God bless and keep you both…..

  2. Now I’ve never heard of a Bridal Expo. I guess if you can have Expos about computers and science fiction it makes sense to have ones for weddings.

  3. Wow, a medieval wedding! I can’t wait to go!! Er, um, you BETTER invite Kris and I (no pressure of course, heh).

  4. Muchacho, le deseo suerte infinita con su próxima a ser señora (salúdemela de paso). Pues yo no sé, yo no la haría medieval, realmente no creo que me casaría, pero bueno, ese soy yo…

  5. Don’t you just love it when you can actually sit back and reflect on a Monday morning in how great your weekend was. It can be rare at times, but it’s awesome when it happens.

  6. dude… my wife is wedding planner… and also we have a bridal magazine here in Atlanta send me ur info via email, and I’ll send u the last issues!!!

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