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Barry from Inn of the last Home found a very interesting meme. It is very simple, Your answer is the first image you find by Image Googling. Enjoy…

Warning, picture heavy so click here to

– The name of the town where you grew up
La Ermita

Cali Colombia
Very famous church in my City. It is a beautiful building and I have been inside several times. In Colombia during the “Holy Week” a custom on Thursday is to go visit churches around the city. I miss having that whole week off, I have even forgotten it was good Friday a couple of times.

– The name of the town where you live now

The Tridge

Midland Michigan
Picture of the Tridge, a triple-sectioned walking bridge in City Park, spanning the junction of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers.

– Your name
That's not me

John Guzman – A guy that shares a name with me but that is about it. Searching for Logtar does bring me up.
CFI- Consultant, Speaker
Lieutenant, New Mexico Mounted Patrol

John J. Guzman, CFI, graduated from St. Xavier University in 1973 and received a Master of Science degree in 1984 from Chicago State University. After attending the Reid College in 1977, he was employed by Robert E. Cummins, Inc. as a polygraph examiner and behavioral analysis interviewer. Mr. Guzman worked in the private sector administering polygraph examinations and conducting interrogations until he accepted a position with the Chicago Police Department in 1978. While working with the department, he continued to conduct polygraph examinations for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.

– Your Grandmother’s name (pick one)

Maria Cardona

Used my Great Grandma, the other two one no results, the other I did not like the results.

*Post Barry and Evil’s post I felt necessary to expand on this one… My Great GrandMa’s name is Maria Cardona and well the google search brings this up.

– Your favorite food
Arroz Atollado

My favorite all time dish, but it has to be prepared by my GrandMa.

– Your favorite drink
Guanabana en Leche brings up this treat that looks tasty.

– Your favorite song
Ok, so this is a little bit of humor... the Numa Numa
Ok, so this is a little bit of humor… the Numa Numa

– Your favorite smell
New Car
I love new car smell, now this car, it looks like Homer’s concept car.

15 comments on “Image Scavenger Hunt

  1. Es mejor usar Bogota Colombia…

    Usando solo Cali (no lo intente al principio, si me dio algo bonito)


  2. interesante el meme…. ya publicare mis imagenes, claro que la de Bogota esta hedionda!!!…. gracias ya tengo post para hoy!!!

  3. I know the numa numa guy. he goes to my school. he’s a med student.

  4. hey well im 13 and well there were a dozen exchange students that came to my school for a month and well i was wonder do you know of any exchange programs so that i can be an exchange student in cali,colombia?! e-mail me ok!!

  5. i guess im colombian too. I lived there for close to four years in Bogota’ and i still prepare rice and potatoes with every dish i cook and blow my nose in the shower and i am guitly of referring to females as chicas oh and got to have my leftovers they just taste better the next day

  6. oh damn forgot to mention the milk in the bag and agua panilla and im sure im probably gonna miss spell this one Bocoillo the candy made of guava thats the bomb

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