The 40 Year Old Virgin (***)

This was a very scary movie, not because of the content but because of the people in the theater. I am not sure what it was but it seemed like the other 40 year old virgins were coming out to support the character in the movie. I mean he is their hero, he eventually does gets some.

It is hard to really describe this movie, while it is hilarious, it also points out a lot about what is wrong about dating in our society. While the movie does have its human factor and I understand that it was meant to entertain and not educate, it still leaves the question in your head, can there really be someone like this guy. I am not sure, I do know some people that are 40 and are still virgins because of their religious beliefs, I also know some people that are really geeky but they are getting some. While I do think some of the people in the theater might have been in one of those two categories I don’t think a human being in our time can encompass all the qualities that this guy did.

Thoughts of sadness and compassion for someone in this guys position melt away after you see his monkey suit. One of the best comedy sequences in movie history comes thanks to this poor guy being waxed for the first time. I cannot wait for the DVD to see if how this scene was done because from what I could tell from my tear filled eyes from laughing so hard, the scene was all done in the same day and his reactions were genuine. If you see nothing else, just skip to the chapter in the movie once it comes out for DVD and I am guarantying you will laugh.

The acting was excellent, I had seen must of the actors before but they all fit their roles perfectly on the movie. Steve Carell has the capability of looking at someone with complete innocence in a way that is almost too good. His eyes truly have the look of a 5 year old when introduced to a brand new subject.

Overall I liked the movie, I would not go to a theater to watch it because of the scary audience but rent it for sure.

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The 40 Year Old Virgin.
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9 comments on “The 40 Year Old Virgin (***)

  1. I’ve been tempted to see this movie, but I’ll take your advice and wait until it comes out on dvd. Kris and I are kinda broke right now, heh, yep… financial aid refunds have gone asunder. Oh well, sh$t happends.

  2. Honestly, I thought that (despite the toys), he was far more socially adept with people then most men I’ve met in his position or very close to it. I thought it was hilarious because I could recognize so many of his traits in various people I know.

  3. I got a chance to see this hilarious movie when it was first release. Definitely not too much educational value but I highly recommend for a few long laughs.

  4. LOL, Sorry Daniel!

    I did not realize that it was such a secret that in the end he does get his chest waxed… that is the closest that a girl gets to him during the movie!

  5. The chest-waxing scene is in almost all the previews I saw, so I can’t understand why that would be a spoiler…

    But it was interesting explaining the title to my 9-yr-old, who asked about it when we passed a poster for it at the theatre.

    Um…a virgin is a….guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend. Yeah, that’s it.

  6. Barry, somehow I think that one is going to bite you in the butt sometime in the future LOL

  7. Well I’m 40 yrs old and I’m a virgin but it’s not due to religious reasons or anything like that. Without going into a lot of details, I’ve had severe social anxiety disorder ever since I was born. A little over a year ago I found out that’s what I had (I had thought I was just crazy) and I got treatment for it. I’m now ready to start having a life but I almost feel it’s too late for me. I mean, what woman wants to go out with a guy that’s 40 and never been on a date? All I know is – life isn’t always fair.

  8. It is never too late to start your life. I am sure there is someone out ther for you man. Good luck on your recovery, social anxiety is no joke, glad you are getting bettter.

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