Natural Disasters

I have been thinking about all the natural disasters we have experienced lately. Since the tsunami, which was one of the biggest disasters in our lifetime, I think we have all been a little more sensitive to what nature can do. It has bothered me quite a bit to hear people speak about the disasters as “Acts of God.” I am sorry but I think that way of thinking is both irrational and it actually hurts religion.

Growing up I experienced a couple of earthquakes. Neither of the quakes were devastating, but I got to feel what the power of nature is all about. Also, I remember two big natural disasters the volcano eruption in Armero and the earthquake in Popayan. While I am not a “survivor” of either of those, I don’t think God was trying to “clean” either of those cities like some have suggested the New Orleans disaster was all about.

I really hope that those fundamentalist people get their act together because the only thing they are doing is breeding hate. I am starting to dislike them more and more because they are spreading poison. Natural disasters have been happening since the beginning of time, and they are not stopping now, nor are they a sign of the end of time. As a Christian I believe that the message of God and Jesus is one of love, not one of; ‘lets exclude as many people as we can out of “salvation”‘. I am ashamed of people that profess that kind of hate, and then act like Islam is a hateful religion.

My heart goes out to all the people that have perished in our latest world natural disaster, the quake in the Pakistan and India border.

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  1. Logtar, me agarada encontrar un blog de otro colombiano en US. Comparto tu comentario de que Dios no quiere borrar personas de la faz de la tierra. Sin duda agregaria que estos desastres son consecuencia de la mano del hombre (el calentamiento global, la capa de ozono, etc), y como tu dices Dios solo quiere nuestra salvacion.
    Gracias por pasar por mi blog!!

  2. Great entry Logtar! I second that your statemenst and sentiments in regards to the matter. About 2 years ago, while vacationing in El Salvador, I found myself in the middle of a 13 second earthquake, and I have to tell you that it was the shortest frightening moment of my life. May God be with all the affected families and individuals.

  3. Having been through 3 hurricanes myself (which killed about 10-15 people combined) and one tornado (killed around 50) I hate when people say stuff like that.

    Perhaps instead of saying that natural disasters are God’s judgement on people/places, those people should invest that energy into looking at what possible human factors are causing more hurricanes and rectify those or looking into ways to build better buildings that can withstand earthquakes (especially in poorer countries.) Or they could just shut up and help those in need.

    I’m a Christian and it irks me when religious folks want to mete out God’s wrath instead of sharing His compassion.

  4. Menos mal todo esto es una coincidencia en la que el calentamiento global no influye, por lo que el SeƱor Bush y sus amiguitos pueden ser felices con sus empresas, nisiquiera considerando el protocolo de Kyoto (Tokio?).

  5. You’re right in that it is the few zealots out there that ruin an entire group. To imply that anyone who is affected by one of these natural disasters (instead of a change in our ecosystem) somehow deserved to be punished is asinine.

  6. Pues yo estoy de acuerdo, no creo que Dios se ponga a pensar algo como “Bueno, y ahora que nuevo desastre natural voy a crear y en que pais?”…

    …suena bastante tonto en verdad.

  7. i understand what you be saying. i wish more people could see things this way. alas we are choking with hate. it is great about blogging though. more people can express themselves for the world to see.

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