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Soccer, the real football is my favorite sport. While I love motorcycles and watching motorcycles races, this weekend the family and I should be watching road racing Live, I cannot call road racing my favorite sport. That place has been occupied by soccer almost since birth. My Dad is a huge soccer fan, one of the biggest ones I know. He has the knowledge of the game from both playing it his whole life and also being an avid fan.

I was part of the soccer team in High school and have played here and there since those days but I am pretty much only a fan now. I like watching soccer and in my attempt at reconnecting with the sport was to join the Soccer Clan (Clan Futbolero) over on the open list sometime last year. I don’t follow soccer, I kind of let my Dad follow it for me and keep me updated. This weekend however the Colombian national team is going to play an important game that will either give more hope or kill it completely when it comes to them making it to Germany 2006.

I moved to the US in 1994 and was lucky enough to watch a lot of soccer when I first moved up here because of the world cup. Also being a fan of the still in its infancy league, the MSL has made me feel like I have not lost the sport completely. I have not gotten to a Chicago Fire game since I moved to Midland but I do plan to in the future, they are having a new stadium built and I cannot wait to see it. While I have not played it lately and today I am playing the other Football with some friends, I will always have it as my favorite sport. It is an almost universal sport because all that is required to play it is a ball. While soccer is gaining popularity in the US I don’t think the World Cup will ever get more viewers than the super bowl, but who knows… maybe some day the sport will get the respect it deserves here in the US.

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  1. While soccer can be considered a universal sport, I have to admit almost all Hispanics are attracted to such great game. I was in the high school soccer team as well and I played mid-field. Barcelona all the way!

  2. Oh, I see!!! “Real” football, eh? I should have Kris get online and do a little comment to tell you a little about what HE thinks, heh-heh. Seriously though, I forgot to mention, thanks for the plug in your podcast… ((hugz))

    Oh, and one more thing. In a couple of days, I’ll be posting about the first NFL game we’ve ever attended … this upcoming Sunday the Texans are playing uh… crap, I forget!! But Kris really can’t wait to go (and u know how I feel about football), but anyhow… until then.

  3. I should have metion that I was half joking when I said real football… but if anyone wants to argue the point I would be more than happy 😉 just to start with, how often does the ball connects with the player’s foot in American football (hehe)

  4. The term “football” doesn’t refer to striking the ball with the foot, it refers to playing a game on the ground (i.e. on your feet.) It was distinction made in England amongst lower class sports (football sports) and upper class sports like polo, which is played on horseback.

    The term “soccer” was actually invented in England and is a nickname/corruption of “asSOCiation football. Rugby and Australian Rules Football are also types of football where very little kicking is involved.

    Not knowing the origin of the term is one of the great misconceptions in the “real football” argument.

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