Strong Man

Sitting in this vast world
That at times seems so small
I look up and ask the Lord
Is everything happening worth it at all?

War takes away my breath
Beacause it only sparks anger
Leads many to their death
And and the rest are left in hunger

My feelings are entangled
With images of death and destruction
My heart feels strangled
My mind has lost its power of deduction

I cannot make sense of these times
I don’t believe there is a reason
The fear that’s being caused grips and it binds
And hope this will all end with the season

How can I be a strong man?
When I don’t believe in the fight
Or am I just the wrong man
Wanting a safe bed to sleep at night

I want to believe in goodness
That people love one another
All I am left is with sadness
When I see what we do to each other

I feel bound by my sadness
I see helplessness around me
I can only see darkness
Anger a rope that binds me

I still don’t lose hope
And will not be the one that ran
I wish to cut that rope
And once again be a strong man

*I would like to add to this poem that I support our troops, but that I don’t believe on the war. I would also like to say that Katrina’s destruction has saddened me deeply and this is an attempt at letting out some of that piled up frustration.

What to do?

A couple of weeks ago The girl I was dating at the time and I were faced with the difficult decision of whether to get involved with a family situation where we would have to tell a teenager’s parents about their kids behavior. Until today and reading Michael’s post about his dilemma on a similar situation I had forgotten completely that I was faced with this situation before.
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Sahara (*)

Matthew McConaughey plays Dirk Pitt, yea and the movie stinks just as much as the name of the main character. To say that the script stretches the boundaries of reality is being kind. Scene after scene you keep on wishing that the movie comes back to reality or that it goes into full fledge science fiction mode. I am sure that people that actually have any knowledge about Africa, sunken ship retrieval and physics had a worse time than I did trying to make sense of the miss portrayal of this subjects.

I don’t even know where to start washing this pile of dirty laundry, the futile attempt of my mind trying to forget this movie while not working its making it difficult to discern where the strongest smell is coming from. Oh wait; I see a big brown stain, fight scenes. I am an action movie fanatic, and not because of the explosions but because of the gun fights and hand to hand combat. I am not sure how much of an action hero McConaughey wanted to be after this movie, but next time just let a double do the work instead of chopping the scene into a mess of choreograph punches. My mind was remembering the old Batman action live series where the POW, and KABOOM appeared in between scenes. The fight scenes were so segmented that it felt like they had spent half of the production time just getting every punch right independently.

There were a lot of good actors in the movie; sadly none of them was acting. It was more like they all wanted a vacation so they took on the project that I am guessing was filmed in Morocco. Steve Zahn saves the movie with his comedic timing and gets the MVP award for actually doing some work. I don’t even want to start talking about Penelope Cruz who did not convince as a doctor and now that I think about it I am not even sure why she was cast. She did not bring one thing to the character, even when trying to play compassionate to the sick people she was trying to help she seemed more disgusted and ready to get out of the set into her air conditioned trailer.

Delroy Lindo shows up and I wonder if the movie is now going to pick up some speed. Maybe he will get the movie in gear and we are going to finally see some action… sadly he has about 2.5 scenes in the movie and it is almost like a lifesaver that is made out of toilet paper and dissolves as you try to hang onto it.

The final scene is both unrealistic and insulting. While it is possible to shoot down a helicopter with a cannon that has not been used in 100 years, I find it highly doubtful that the following circumstances will all line up in a real life situation.

1. That the aiming mechanism on the cannon will not be rusted together and will work like it was just oiled 20 minutes before shooting.
2. That the gunpowder and wick are still flammable on a ship that sank.
3. That the helicopter pilot is stupid enough to actually line himself with a cannon that is visible because they are aiming at the porthole where people keep on coming in and out of.

After swallowing that pill and making all that believable, I wonder how the shooters connect on their first try… Not only is the helicopter clearly out of range and physically impossible to hit with a civil war cannon but today’s helicopters can avoid being hit by rocket propelled grenades… I would hope a slow moving cannon ball would be avoidable. Let see if I can help the writers here, how about this. I give you that the cannon would fire no problem, why not have the helicopter stars of the movie get the cannon ready and then stay vewy vewy quite, then when the helicopter come to check on their demise KABOOM blow them up… but having the helicopter ready to once again shoot and line itself up perfectly for the second time (the first time the cannon did not work.) was just too much.

I have so much more to say about this dirty diaper but I must stop before my override my brain and actually commit this movie to permanent memory. Please stay away from it, please don’t see this movie, save your money.

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Childhood games and toys

When I was kid I was easily entertained. I remember vaguely and my Mom telling me that I used to play with a little bird jail. I used to put my little toys inside it and play with them. I remember one of the toys a plastic white tiger squeaky toy that I used to love. That is one of the only things that I remember form my early childhood. As I grew older probably around 6 I started playing more outside and I love to collect ants to make my own ant farms inside of old mayonnaise jars. During this time I also used to play with marbles and tops, but little by little I gave up toys completely.

I remember giving up all of my childhood toys away. My Mom was cleaning, being the cleaning freak she is, and she said that since I was older and did not really play with any of the toys anymore she was going to get rid of them. There is a toy that sticks out in my head; it was a pull toy that was shaped like a ladybug. When the little wheels on the toy turned the wings will flap. The toy was probably not touched in years… but I remember it being one of the ones that got thrown out.

I started playing soccer on the street when I was probably around 9 and continued to do so pretty much until I moved to the US. We used to play every single day of school vacations and the weekend. At times we would even play during the week. There used to be little 2 on 2 tournaments and all the work. Then as we started getting older once in a while we would actually play tag with the girls but for the most part it was just the guys that would play soccer all day long.

There were periods of time when we would pick an alternate sport such as volleyball or baseball and play it for like a month on and off, but the thing that never stopped was soccer. I did my fair share of playing videogames also. I had an Atari 2600 and played countless hours of pac-man and combat. Then when the NES dominated the videogame world, I did not get one, but played at my friend’s house all the old school games (now called old school) such as Mario, Kung Fu and Goal.

The older I got the more I stopped playing games and with toys, but video games have always been there… even though it seems I never have time to play them. I have played a lot of the recent games and own pretty much every system except for the Xbox (another post entirely) but I don’t play them as much. Am I growing up finally, I know that if I had a bike right now I would not trade playing video games for going for a ride, but at the same time I prefer to watch a movie with the family to playing the latest video game any day. Maybe I am not as big of a gamer as I think I am… maybe I am just getting old.