Mr. Marchal, who has been kind of quiet in recent days has come back and tagged me to do a meme. Since I am a gentleman and reply to challenges here are my answers.

1. Name something you are doing now which you would never had thought possible when you were 16.
I never dreamed when I was 16 that I would be writting in a regular basis. I never kept a journal of any kind, and now look I am a blogger.

2. The last totally useless thing you bought:
I really don’t buy that much stuff, and even when I do it has to go through a methodical process of review reading, online pricing and just overall geekiness about it. Last truly useless thing I bought would have to be…

3. A nickname of mine nobody uses any longer:
Gato – Cat in Spanish, that was my High School nick name back in Colombia and it is no longer in use.

4. A major aim in your life your are still hoping to achieve:
Get married and have a couple of children; also be Solvent, rich would be nice but solvent is my aim.

5. The most stupid thing you did as a child:
I tried to fix my AC Adapter for my Atari 2600 when I was probably around 9. Since I had no idea what an AC adapter was or what electricity meant, I just pretty much put live current into the Atari and it smoked ala mission impossible.

6. A poster I had in my room (which might even be slightly emebarassing today)
I never really had my own room growing up, so no posters… that saved me from embarrasment I guess.

7. Your “biggest” appearance in the media (TV, radio, newspaper)

My name has been mentioned in the paper a couple of times back in my highschool days, besides that nothing.

8. Associations or Clubs I belonged to as a child:

9. Your favorite joke at the moment:
Tony posted some funny stuff.

10. Where do you know the person who tagged you for this from?
The blogsphere.

As for tagging somebody: Cielo, Pol, Evil Atari, April and Mo… would you like a try?

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  1. Pretty interesting stuff! Oh and wanted to ask if you had updated to the new ver. of WP yet. If so email me so I can ask you some questions please. =)

  2. Ey viejo, más tarde me pondré en el asunto, quería comentarle que cre que está comentando en mi blog con mi nombre… lo que me confunde un poco. Y bueno, que esté bien.

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