Sorry for the mini hiatus, it was not intentional, the last three days have been very rough. Cielo‘s Grandfather just past away Friday morning of a heart attack. She lost both of her Grandfathers within six months, but this one hurt a little bit more because it was so unexpected. What I have been feeling during this last couple of days cannot even be compared to what Cielo has been feeling. I am not the kind of person that exaggerates people’s kindness or positive traits after they have left this world, but Cielo’s “Grampa” was just one of the most positive, kind and just fun people that I have ever met. Even though I had only known him for short period of time, I got to feel how warm of a person he was and I feel lucky that I got to spend some time with him while he was alive.

Funerals are not easy. In my life I have only attended a handful of them. All the funerals had their memorable moments. I do not like thinking about death; in all honesty, I am very scared about death and aging. Being once again at a funeral today I did finally learned a lesson that has been resonating in my head over the last year. Live every single day like it was your last.

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  1. Although I’ve seen close friends having to go through tough moments, I’m somewhat lucky yet scared at the same time to not have gone through so much pain yet. My condolences to Cielo….

  2. Yo me acuerdo cuando se murió mi abuelo, Cielo debe sentirse muy mal, yo también quisiera hacerle llegar mi pésame.

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