Long Weekend

This weekend ended up being a 3 day weekend due to a little cold that kicked my butt. I am not sure why I have gotten sick more often lately but it seems my immune system is not what it used to be, it could be age, it could be all the stress at work. I am going to remember to take my vitamins and get into some kind of exercise program that I can stick to.

Friday I stayed up pretty late playing my latest addiction, CounterStrike:Source. It is one of the games that came with HalfLife 2 and even though it is a temporary addiction in preparation for the LanParty that is coming up this weekend, it has been fun. I enjoy video games quite a bit, but I like spending time with my family more than fragging people online. I have also gotten a little better at Unreal Tournament 2004, which will be the other game played at the Lan.

Saturday we went to a little multicultural gathering at the Tridge in Downtown Midland. I was disappointed that there was no food like the flyer that we got from Tyler’s school advertised. There was one stand that had a mixture of foods from the countries but I hardly consider Nachos an authentic Mexican dish. They had dance performances that were cool, but we did not bring the camera so there is not much to see except a pic from the camera phone.

That night we had a 25th wedding anniversary party to attend to, but I was already not feeling too good. I have been having horrible allergies every morning and I felt all day like I had some kind of stomach bug. We had a good time at the party and got home sometime around 1.

Sunday was supposed to be home repair day. We had some loose bathroom tiles and a leaky elbow joint in one of the sinks. I thought it would be easy enough to take care of it in the afternoon, but it was a big mistake… I got the parts that I needed to fix the bathroom come to find out that when I touched one of the pipes to remove it and tried to turn it, it simply crumbled cutting me pretty deep into my thumb. Blood can be scandalous, the cut while deep was not too bad and is healing quite nicely and after Cielo patched me up we were able to get the rest of the parts and finish the job.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling too good and even though I tried to get going to see if I could feel better it only got worse. So I stayed home and got some rest still not able to get away from work I did check my e-mail and did a couple of work things… tried to relax and get some liquids in but just felt sick all day. Today it is a lot better even though I still feel sick, it is manageable and work will have me back on full swing.

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  1. You seriously need to take some needed rest John… it’s gotta be the stress in work. Remember, you gotta make sure to take care of yourself if you intend to be a caregiver to others.

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