“Paisas” and Koreans?

I love all kinds of ethnic food, my favorite being of course Colombian. I have to say that Oriental food also ranks up there with Hispanic food. I love Mexican and Spanish dishes, but some Korean and Chinese dishes are just out of this world. Yesterday on a night out to dinner, I encountered a food similarity that I thought was only a Colombian thing, and more specifically a “Paisa” thing. “Paisas” is what we call the people that live in the Antioquia region of Colombia. One of the famous dishes from this region is called “Bandeja Paisa” which consists of beans, steak, chicharron, arepa and rice. It is topped with a fried egg on the rice. Something I had never seen another culture do until I had Bi Bim Bap yesterday.

I have had Korean food before, I love KimChi and Jajang Myun is one of my favorite dishes in the world, but I had never had Bi Bim Bap until yesterday. And guess what, they also put a fried egg on top of their meal. Interesting… isn’t it. I have also found similarities of Colombian food with other far away places like Poland and some dishes being very similar despite the distance.

So, do you guys have a favorite ethnic dish?

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