Strong Man

Sitting in this vast world
That at times seems so small
I look up and ask the Lord
Is everything happening worth it at all?

War takes away my breath
Beacause it only sparks anger
Leads many to their death
And and the rest are left in hunger

My feelings are entangled
With images of death and destruction
My heart feels strangled
My mind has lost its power of deduction

I cannot make sense of these times
I don’t believe there is a reason
The fear that’s being caused grips and it binds
And hope this will all end with the season

How can I be a strong man?
When I don’t believe in the fight
Or am I just the wrong man
Wanting a safe bed to sleep at night

I want to believe in goodness
That people love one another
All I am left is with sadness
When I see what we do to each other

I feel bound by my sadness
I see helplessness around me
I can only see darkness
Anger a rope that binds me

I still don’t lose hope
And will not be the one that ran
I wish to cut that rope
And once again be a strong man

*I would like to add to this poem that I support our troops, but that I don’t believe on the war. I would also like to say that Katrina’s destruction has saddened me deeply and this is an attempt at letting out some of that piled up frustration.

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