Childhood games and toys

When I was kid I was easily entertained. I remember vaguely and my Mom telling me that I used to play with a little bird jail. I used to put my little toys inside it and play with them. I remember one of the toys a plastic white tiger squeaky toy that I used to love. That is one of the only things that I remember form my early childhood. As I grew older probably around 6 I started playing more outside and I love to collect ants to make my own ant farms inside of old mayonnaise jars. During this time I also used to play with marbles and tops, but little by little I gave up toys completely.

I remember giving up all of my childhood toys away. My Mom was cleaning, being the cleaning freak she is, and she said that since I was older and did not really play with any of the toys anymore she was going to get rid of them. There is a toy that sticks out in my head; it was a pull toy that was shaped like a ladybug. When the little wheels on the toy turned the wings will flap. The toy was probably not touched in years… but I remember it being one of the ones that got thrown out.

I started playing soccer on the street when I was probably around 9 and continued to do so pretty much until I moved to the US. We used to play every single day of school vacations and the weekend. At times we would even play during the week. There used to be little 2 on 2 tournaments and all the work. Then as we started getting older once in a while we would actually play tag with the girls but for the most part it was just the guys that would play soccer all day long.

There were periods of time when we would pick an alternate sport such as volleyball or baseball and play it for like a month on and off, but the thing that never stopped was soccer. I did my fair share of playing videogames also. I had an Atari 2600 and played countless hours of pac-man and combat. Then when the NES dominated the videogame world, I did not get one, but played at my friend’s house all the old school games (now called old school) such as Mario, Kung Fu and Goal.

The older I got the more I stopped playing games and with toys, but video games have always been there… even though it seems I never have time to play them. I have played a lot of the recent games and own pretty much every system except for the Xbox (another post entirely) but I don’t play them as much. Am I growing up finally, I know that if I had a bike right now I would not trade playing video games for going for a ride, but at the same time I prefer to watch a movie with the family to playing the latest video game any day. Maybe I am not as big of a gamer as I think I am… maybe I am just getting old.

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  1. Soccer + Video Games = the perfect combination to make me happy.

    I’ve been playing both since I was 5 and I think I’ll ont those for the rest of my life.


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