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Well, I have been talking about it forever now… but I think I am finally going to switch to this template. It is still simple, but I think is a little easier to read and a little less frantic. My three colum layout was getting a little too busy and the load time was getting on my nevers. I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think… also added the language fish 😉 try it, is kind of amusing… and it ilustrates why human translators are needed.

DeVry Graduating CIS Class of 1999

DeVry Graduation Photo CIS Class of 1999

It is hard to believe that 6 years have already passed since I graduated. It is even worse to think that I have been working in the computer field for 8 years now. In a couple of years I would have 10 years of experience working with personal “confusers”. Thinking back to DeVry is difficult at times, even looking at our graduation picture is difficult. I miss a lot of the people that I went to school with, and the still carefree life that I lived while attending college. I am only in contact with 3 people that are in that picture. However, I do have constant contact with more friends that started DeVry but did not graduate and went on to have very successful careers in the computer field. One of my friends did not even finish the first year, but ended up working for excellent companies and now has a very impressive resume along with being involved with creating technology that you might use and don’t even know… but this is not a lets brag about who I know.

DeVry started with a large group of students the first semester. We were divided into 2 sections because there were a lot of people. I think that we started with around 120 people give or take a few. What you see in the picture is a combination of about 2 graduating classes. Some of them graduating a bit early and some from the class that was supposed to graduate before us, they just combined everyone for the picture. From the group that I started with I can only count about 25 people. DeVry has a huge drop out rate. It is not only expensive, but after a while if you don’t care about your education, they don’t either. Don’t get me wrong it is an excellent school, but in a way it is still a business. They are serious about their job placement rate, and if they feel that you are not going to get a job, they will make it hard for you to graduate.

I have a lot of good memories of the time I spent in college. DeVry is not a party school, even though it is now a University, to me it will always be a technical institute. Sure I have a bachelor’s degree from there, but there is no huge campus or real fraternities and other activities that universities have. It helped staying a little more focused, not to mention that you went to school year around with only 2 weeks break between “semesters.” It does pay off when you graduate about a year earlier with a 4-year degree.

I would really like to go back to school and get a masters, I love going to school, but it will require a huge commitment and still paying for student loans does not make me feel warm and fuzzy about the money it will cost. I am sure you will play ‘Where is Waldo’ with the picture and figure out where I am!

Thursday Threesome

I used to do this meme all the time, so I thought I would give it a try again when I saw it on my referrers. And what do you know, today it is about Motorcycles… kinda 😉

::Sturgis Motorcycle Rally::

Onesome: Sturgis- Have you ever been there, or anywhere else in South Dakota? Want to see where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up in her Little Town on the Prairie? Or have you taken in Mount Rushmore or the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Black Hills?

No but I really want to. It would be an excellent motorcycle roadtrip. I cannot wait to get a bike and go on roadtrips with Cielo.

Twosome: Motorcycle- Ever owned or ridden on a motorcycle? Do you aspire to ownership now? Ever wanted to hit the open rode and just go?

Ah, this question is taylor made for me. I probably rode a motorcycle when I was little toddler. My Dad had one as a means of every day transportation back in Colombia. When I was 8 I learn how to ride. I started riding my Dad’s on my own probably around 14. I used to also ride other friends’ and families bikes. I took a break from riding when I moved up to the US only riding a couple of times on borrowed bikes. Then in 2002 I got my first bike, a Katana 600 which I rode non stop until I moved to Michigan. I have regret selling the bike when I moved up here (did not really have a place to keep it up here) but that’s life. I have been looking at bikes ever since and hope that in the next couple of years I can get a nice cruiser to take Cielo around town and in long roadtrips!

Threesome: Rally- v. to muster for a common purpose Ever been to a large rally of any sort? A church rally, motorcycle rally or even a big family reunion? Or how about a road rally? Where did you go? Was a good time had by all?

I was lucky enough to become part of a large motorcycle group back in Chicago, the ChicagoLandSportBike community is huge and I am still a part of it even bikeless as I am right now. I attended several of their events.

Now rally along 😉 Answer the questions on your own site, then leave us a comment so I can find you! and go ahead and tag the Thursday Thressome crew.

Wedding Crashers (****)

I have not laughed this hard in a movie in quite some time. I love smart comedy and this was a comedy that did an excellent job at blending it with slaphappy humor and tons of physical comedy. I cannot even count how many times I just busted out laughing. Today, most comedies have one or two hilarious scenes, but this movie really did not let up through.

To me it seemed like a very original story, even though a lot of the laughs might have been in other wedding movies, like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or the Wedding singer, this movie made them all seem fresh. Owen Wilson was hilarious, and played the vulnerable guy at times even seemed dragged by Vince Vaughn into the whole wedding crashing. However he was excellent at being the guy that everyone liked, almost to the point that they would put up with Vaughn’s character because Owen was such a nice guy.

There are also a lot of lines that will become classic after watching this movie, and Chaz appearing towards the end of the movie was definitely icing on the cake. I recommend you go see this movie today, do not wait for it on video you will for sure be missing out.

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