My Blogroll (Shout Outs)

I cannot remember if this was a meme I saw or not, but I have been thinking about talking about my blogroll, just trying to get people to read the people I read I guess :)

  • Big Orange Michael
  • Michael is an excellent friend, just ask Barry… but besides that he is a super positive happy person, I read him because I love teasing him as well as praising his writting style. You can find tons of info about his loved Orange team, Dr. Who (first Dr.Who appearince in My blog), and always-informative commentary about TV. He is also a SCI-FI buff.

  • Marchal
  • Christian aka Marchal is my favorite German, why well, he takes a great approach to blogging. He is intelligent and kind, but super humble. He always has good topics as well as excellent pictures. He is also always willing to answer your questions and loves to participate in the blogsphere.

  • Berry
  • Is the ultimate family man, and enlightens you with his commentary from everything from books to politics. He is firm in his beliefs and I respect that a lot. You can always expect great humor and even learn something about life.

  • Mo
  • A Michigan blogger with tons of talent when it comes to web design. He is also the creator of how to site for both Ping Pong and Tennis. He writes movie reviews that give an accurate (IMHO) view of the movie and even though we sometimes disagree I can always use his for a point of reference.

  • Pat
  • I am almost lucky to have this guy visit my blog, he is somewhat famous in the blogsphere! but he does visit here.

  • Pol
  • A fellow Colombian that I first talked to via TOL, he writes about soccer in a very passionate way and is an avid reader here. Go visit and say, como estas Pol…

  • EvilAtari
  • EvilAtari is not only an excellent writer but is also responsible for the growth of an online group called “El Clan Futbolero” not that he has not had help from his friends but he is making it a force to be reckoned.

  • Ayen
  • Reading this blog makes me jealous, he has a way with words that I can only dream of having. There is always something good to read there, don’t be afraid to go back in time here.

  • Joseph
  • When I first encountered this blog I thought it would go over my head, but then I dug in and I love reading it. There are complicated topics at times but he always will make them readable. Go there, you will come out feeling smart!

  • Daniel
  • I love this blog, but this is a blog with a cause, so go visit get informed and let me know what you think.

  • Kelly
  • Kelly has been a blog friend for quite some time, her blog has been in the second hiatus… right now is due to moving to Indiana… she has posted a couple of things, the first hiatus was thanks to Final Fantasy. Even though she is not posting much lately there are tons to see here, she has links to scawy stuff!

  • Watty
  • Another writter that scares me to even comment, talented, very cnadid with her life and just overall entertaining.

  • Shellim
  • Go check out her beautiful Lab, then read up on her life on display… at times I would love to be this open but it is scary… I give her credit for putting so much out! but I am sure it is helping others.

  • Glenn
  • Glen is scared at the moment, I challenged him to UT and the dude totally disappeared, I am hoping that he resurfaces soon so I can let him know about a Lan Party that is coming up!

  • Billy
  • Enlightened.

  • Brykmantra
  • I am not sure why I have not updated his link since he is running two blogs and one in an independent domain… I think you need to set aside some time to check this one because there are tons to discover along with some great pictures.

  • Mathibus
  • Ah another online celebrity that visits this blog, he is not just young and super smart but has always shown intelligence. Go read up and you will not be disappointed.

  • Dougal
  • I am sure that Dougal has been here, but I must say that he is too busy writing cool software for all of us to really blog. Classic post about webbed feet is a must read.

  • Sergio
  • Mexican blogger, tons of talent, funny comic, go enjoy a cup of caffeine.

  • CarneFresca
  • Italian blogger that has been a regular visitor of this blog.

  • Fabian
  • Fabian is another Colombian blogger that makes me feel like I am falling behind in my languages. This guy not only dominates English and Spanish but French. I am truly jelous… he is also a great source for news on the Open Source front.

  • Bachue
  • Aka TOL, The Open List. Before blogs were cool, TOL existed as a community for Spanish speaking bloggers, it has grown and taken over as a IRL community with meetings in Bogotá and who knows maybe even in the US some day. Go check it out, you might find something you can really get into.

  • MikeP
  • I actually know this dude IRL, he came and visit LaCasa Logtar for our latest BBQ with his wife Katrina, he is a programmer that is living the dream of working for himself. His software is worth me money to, go check out Mr Gauchosoft!

  • BlogCritics
  • I have toyed with the idea of becoming a regular poster there… but I lack the time… we’ll see someday maybe!

  • Jorge Q
  • Latest find, talent just pouring out the blog, not to mention he is going to design a logo for logtar (no presure!) 😉

  • Kris and April
  • Last but not least, my blog Sista, activist, intelligent, good writer, if you don’t read her you are missing out!

    Well, now your task is to do the same with your blog roll!

    10 comments on “My Blogroll (Shout Outs)

    1. As long as I am the one coding the link to your site it will be Berry BUAHAHAHA

    2. POL is famous also, well kinda 😀
      Cömo está POL? POL está abrumado estudiando filosofía,
      así que no se extiende mucho en el comentario.
      Pero que gracias.

    3. Thanks for the shout out. Prototypes of your logo will be email to you tomorrow. No pressure at all. I’m extremely honored to contribute my services to a blog and site worth reading because of it’s great content.

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