Fahrenheit 9/11 (****)

I must admit that I did not want to watch this movie when it came out. I have been a republican ever since I could think of myself voting. One of the most important things for me in my life was to become an American because I could then vote. Politics do matter because they run your life. Too bad that I have lost faith on what our president can do for us.

My argument for the war always was, hey he probably has information than you and me will not know about for years or maybe ever. He has his reasons for what he is doing. After watching 9-11 that changed. Not because Michael Moore is an excellent film maker, I am still not a fan, but because some of the things that Bush said and did during the movie could not have been taken out of context, or miss portrayed. He is as the Green Day songs put it an American idiot.

The movie is an documentary, and even though I originally dismissed it as propaganda, it has some merit as a story told very well. A lot of things have happened that have changed my mind pre-election time. I actually voted for Kerry, believe it or not, because in the time leading up to the election I thought I had my mind made, but meeting Cielo changed my life in more than one way. I am not a democrat just yet, I still think that expecting the government to support you is wrong, but at the same time a government that is lying to you is worse.

I could talk about the biggest deal to me, where are the WMD’s? But what makes me the angriest is what this war is doing to my generation, the young people of this country. They are out there in that country that does not want them there fighting a war that is truly not ours. Those poor man and women are going to come back changed disillusioned by their government and tainted by war. There has already been people that came back and snapped and while that is scary is not as scary as a generation lost to a war that has not benefited anyone except the people that have their hand tainted by oil money.

If you have not watched this movie, even if you are a die hard republican please do. It might not change your mind but at least it will make you ask yourself some questions. I am paying more at the pump than I ever had before… this is sad a ridiculous… I sit here and don’t know why we are at war. Bring the troops home!

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5 comments on “Fahrenheit 9/11 (****)

  1. I am not sure if I can honestly say that I have experience poverty, I have seen absolute poverty with my own eyes and I can honestly said that when my family moved up here we had nothing. We did however had family here that helped us get started. On a lighter note I have eaten PB&J for a week straight, but always had a roof over my head and have never been truly hungry.

  2. I saw this movie opening night with Keli and, while it definitely has its spin on events, the facts are the facts. All that remains is how each side ‘justifies’ those facts to fit their own agenda. My single biggest complaint with the nation is that members of any political party – republican, democrat, green, socialist, etc – refuse to even consider a view opposite of theirs. My parents are staunch republicans and while that is not an issue to me, what is an issue is that they won’t even consider something contrary to what they’re fed by leaning-more-right-than-not media outlets. Their refusal is crazy to think of considering that my father, when it came to debating and whatnot, is the man who taught me to ‘know your enemy’. As history shows us, people who wear blinders are simply a hindrence to the progression of society and people who pretend that as long as they have everything they want, the world is a good place are parasites.

    Being poverty-stricken sucks, I know all too well. What sucks even more is knowing people out there could be helping in little ways, but think so little of the man asking for food donations in front of Safeway that they’d rather someone go hungry again than for them to spend and extra $1 on Top Ramen.

    Oh, and I promise your questions will be forthcoming, my weekend was crazy hehe sorry I’m a slacker!

  3. La guerra es inútil y no causa más que daños, a todos sus partícipes. La política solo causa discordia y corrupción e inevitablemente lleva a la guerra, por ahora lo único que puedo hacer es dar un paso atrás y esperar no morir en el medio del despelote.
    Bowling for Columbine me pareció mejor, aunque esta es buena también.

  4. I was among one of the many expectators waiting on line to purchase a ticket in advance in order to at least catch a glimpse of this highly publisized documentary by Michael Moore. The film was more informative to me rather a pivotal element that would have persuaded me to vote against Bush. While the editing presented Bush in an awful spotlight, it did provide me with a deeper understand to his character and political agenda. It was an OK film.

  5. Henry Rollins is really the one that woke me up to the absurdity of the Bush Administration and made me realize that it’s okay to question things the government does, even if you do lean more towards the republican side. If something’s wrong, it’s wrong no matter what banner flies over your head.

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