Hotel Rwanda (****)

Who needs aliens when humans can exterminate each other. It is almost beyond comprehension that we as intelligent beings can still live in a world where such atrocities are happening. We let people die of hunger every single day; we turn our backs to people being killed. Ethnic cleansing is not a new thing; it is a lesson that the human race has not learned. Genocide is a word that we all now know… what’s worse is that it is not a word that is only used in textbooks but something that is happening even right now.

Hotel Rwanda is a film that I had wanted to see since it was in the theaters, and to my surprise it was even hard to find in the video store. Now that I have watched it I feel sad because of what I know has happened in the world I live in, but it also fills me with hope that there are still people out there trying to make this a better place to live.

Don Cheadle has always been one of my favorite actors. He always delivers a great performance; this one however was a difficult task for him. He was not portraying a fictional character, he was playing a man that had to survive the killing of thousands around him but managed to save 1200 lives. Cheadle was able to really make us feel the man’s anguish and pain as he had to make decisions that would not only put his life but his families at risk. It also painted the picture of how a man sometimes has to think of his family first before he can think of other people, I am not sure what I would be able to do in that situation if I had to chose between saving my family or saving my neighbor.

What makes me even sadder about this picture is that I did not know any details about the situation and it is a shame that I had to wait for Hollywood to let me know. I wonder how much can I really prevent something like that from ever happening again… I guess a good place to start is here

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  1. I know how u feel… its pretty sad to see day by day that our world is going down to the deep abysm of inhumanity. For example here ata Bogota, everytiem we have a soccer game between 2 big teams (like Millonarios – America, last sunday) we have some teenagers murdered by by some antisocial people.

    I can not understand how a simple thing like a soccer game turns into a war of colors.

  2. In some respect I blame it on human nature and the lack of use of our brain… so many things in this world have attempted to make us use our brains less and less, logic in many levels of our society has gone out the window and common sense is a thing of the past. I think the internet has done a lot for the world already and I hope it continues to grow and let us all connect and exchange ideas, hopefully we can start using our brains again and eventually start to touch lives.

  3. You didnĀ“t knew anything about it, just because no one is interested on what happened in Rwanda. Well at least not the news media. But when something happens in Israel, everyone sees what happens because the media is owned by them. And they never showed on TV the repression they exerted in Palestina.
    Don’t feel bad about not knowing about this, it’s not your fault. Just a question for you, do you know what happened in Cambodia under the regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?

  4. No, not really and it is sad that we (humans) don’t have a true global society where things like this go unnoticed. It is truly sad, but I am hoping that the internet is going to help things, I know that it has already helped me get a better understanding in a lot of issues that I was not aware of before.

  5. That was a powerful movie….very moving, yet VERY disturbing. Terrible to think what people are capable of doing to one another.

  6. This movie is actually on my NetFlix Queue, which means it will be shipped next as soon as I return the current two that I have. I’ve heard great review about this true-life dramatic film. Thanks for the incentive, it makes me want to see it even more.

  7. I rented this recently and watched it at 2am in the morning. I went to sleep feeling sad and wishing I never existed in this cruel world. My favorite part was when the camera man said “When people watch this, they’ll go “oh that’s sad” and continue with their dinner” which is sadly true. And I think that is human nature. It just got me to think so many theories. I first learn of genocide in World History (Germany + Japan) a coulple years ago in 11th grade. So sad.

  8. hello. i knew about the rwandan tragedy a long time ago. by now my girlfriend must be tired of me lamenting over that atrocity that happened while the world went about its selfish business. when i saw the film i just broke down. so scary to watch a world that is only concerned about materialism. so scary to see how far we have fallen as sentients. thanks for the enlightenment.

  9. I also think it is important to note that while the film makes us look at ourselves a little bit differently, we must not forget that there is also other themes represented in themovie, that of love between a family and the great heroism that the lead character demonstrated by sacrifising so much to save others lifes… he is a true hero even though he feels like he was just doing what he needed to do to be able to respect himself.

  10. OMG, that movie was VERY good. It’s crazy how you don’t hear much about it in the news at the time and find out about the whole story after hollywood makes an account of it.

    Hotel Rwanda is very high on my favorite movie list.

  11. I’ve been really wanting to see this movie, and whenever I get the chance, I’ll definately have to blog about it. Hmm. Let’s see. Since you are interested in news like that, you might wanna go and check out I get their RSS, and they are part of my daily news reading. Excellent site.

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