Chicago Air and Water Show

This weekend the family headed to Chicago, and we also brought once of Cielo’s cousin’s (Ka-C) along with us. It was her first time in the Windy City and I hope she had a good time. We went to see the Air and Water Show on Saturday and wow… what an amazing thing is to watch and feel jets fly by. Those pilots are talented. For your enjoyment here are the pictures we took.

So what did you guys do this weekend?

5 comments on “Chicago Air and Water Show

  1. Well my weekend was not as good as yours… I played soccer again after 3 months of total inactivity and I must say that I have lost all myy technique on that sport… it sucks :(

  2. I saw the show outside out window. It’s one of favorite things about where I live. We can’t see the fireworks. but we get the planes.

  3. Mannnn…. I LOVE Air Shows!!! Glad you had the opportunity to go!! As for my weekend, ah, it was so-so. I’ve been relaxing, taking things one at a time. I need to update, and I think it’s gonna be a podcast. I didn’t have my mic all summer long, plus now that I have a fast connection, “it’s all good”.

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