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I was born in Cali, Colombia. A beautiful city sitting in between the Andes in the Cauca river valley. I grew up there and then moved to the US. I almost completed my high school education there, but once I moved to the US Spanish became my second language and English my first. I was in a new environment and I needed to learn quickly, I was to go to college here and I needed to not only be able to communicate but also learn, write papers, be a student.

I was young, so I had the opportunity to go to High School for a couple of years before going to college. This gave me a chance to learn English a little better before having to take on College. I was lucky to have some wonderful teachers and was able to write at a level that was acceptable for college courses and I actually did quite well. I think my only D during college came via one of my Cobol classes where I was accused of cheating because my program was not copied word by word from the teachers instructions… even though the program worked it was too similar to someone I did not even know… but that is a story for another day.

Since I started a web page back in geocities I had wanted to also communicate with other Colombians, but the Internet was not as global as it is today. I did however reconnect with my best friend from Colombia who ended up visiting his sister just a couple of hours north of Chicago. We were able to hang out after almost 5 years of not seeing each other, thanks to the internet.

When I started a blog I also met Bea from Bealog.com that is no longer up. Another Colombian connection that is slowly coming back, but has gone through some difficult times… but again I do not feel connected to a community. Via the blog I joined TOL a group of mostly Colombian bloggers that feels like a place I visit but besides the Clan that I am member of I feel like a visitor, mainly because I don’t write in Spanish. I have always wanted to write in Spanish, even the first iteration of this blog was going to be translated by me… but it did not happen and I still feel a little empty not being able to connect with other Spanish bloggers in the level that I would like to. Cielo encouraged me to do my first all Spanish podcast which I posted yesterday and I am hoping that it opens a window of communication with other bloggers… at the same time I would never want to alienate the English readers that I have by writing in Spanish and making them feel like they are no longer my sole audience.

Fabian has an excellent blog with wonderful topics, but at times when I go there (even though I can read a little French) I do not read anything that is not either in Spanish or English. It is not laziness as much as it is lack of time, because I know with a dictionary I would be able to read it… but it will require time, time that most people would probably not have if I was to write in both languages and not translate… but at the same time I have not translated any of my post in the past to Spanish… is that something that I should be doing?

I am still trying to figure out how I will strike a compromise with myself about writing here and maybe also having a Spanish version of the blog, or having the entries translated. I have a topic already picked for my first Spanish entry… I am sure I will translate it to English… but then from then on I am not sure.

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  1. En = In :p … I figure you are joking … yea the thought of the button to go back and forth was the first thought that came to mind. WordPress could not do it, but I could have written something that would do it… the programming was not the hard part the hard part is the translation because it is very time consuming… almost longer than actually writing the posts. When you get into meaning and colloquialisms it gets even worse… translating to Latin American Spanish can be a lot different then Colombian flavored Spanish… and well without knowing if I will have a real audience (specially when I first started) I did not see a point. My current Spanish readers are pretty good at reading English already… so it is a hard call to make.

  2. I think that the most important thing on a Blog is not the language, but the topics it has. I’ve read your blog for some time and I can say that it is pretty fun. Maybe you could post every entry in both languages, Spanish n English, so no matter who visit it, it would be able for a lot of people at the same time.

    Its just an opinion… 😉

  3. I think that’s a great idea to do both (or trade-off). I’m amazed at how many people I “resurrected” from my childhood because of the Internet and e-mail.

  4. Debo confesar que cuando hice el “click” para visitar tu blog, pense imediatamente que talvez el “link” me habia llevado a una pagina eqivocada, porque un “entry” estaba en español. Quisiera decir que me parece muy bueno el concept de poder expresarse en 2 idiomas.

    A mi tambien me ha venido la idea the practicar lo mismo, pero las personas que visitan mi blog, se comunican en Ingles mayormente. Casi no tengo publico en español. De todos modos, muy buena idea and espera ver mas de estos!

  5. I have this very issue of deciding what language to write in my posts. The solution I’ve settled on is write them in english if I expect people who don’t speak spanish to be interested to read them (this happens with most of the technical stuff I write, that I want to share with global communities, where most people can’t read spanish) and in spanish if they are pretty specific things that are only important to local communities where everyone speaks spanish (this tends to happen with all the things I write about TOL).
    I discarded the idea of translating a long time ago; I would rather spend that time writing new entries!

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