New Layout

Well, I have been talking about it forever now… but I think I am finally going to switch to this template. It is still simple, but I think is a little easier to read and a little less frantic. My three colum layout was getting a little too busy and the load time was getting on my nevers. I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think… also added the language fish 😉 try it, is kind of amusing… and it ilustrates why human translators are needed.

9 Responses to New Layout

  1. Nice dude.. alittle too wide for me but cool 😉

  2. Está cool el layout, me tusta tusta. Aunque el pescadito hace porquerías con el idioma.

  3. Its very nice men, I like it a lot…

  4. Oh well… I see that yo have just lost all your OL tags…. :O

  5. Sí viejo, no nos abandones en el clan! No somos nadie sin sumercé!

  6. No se preocupen, ya las pongo otra vez.

  7. Cool, I like it. It’s one of the nicer simple layouts I’ve seen, and it loads pretty quick.

  8. I don´t want things to change all the time (stomp)!
    Apart from that :-) I quite like the new outfit. Good job, Logtar!

  9. Looks awesome! I agree with you about having 2 instead of 3 columns.

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