Wedding Crashers (****)

I have not laughed this hard in a movie in quite some time. I love smart comedy and this was a comedy that did an excellent job at blending it with slaphappy humor and tons of physical comedy. I cannot even count how many times I just busted out laughing. Today, most comedies have one or two hilarious scenes, but this movie really did not let up through.

To me it seemed like a very original story, even though a lot of the laughs might have been in other wedding movies, like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or the Wedding singer, this movie made them all seem fresh. Owen Wilson was hilarious, and played the vulnerable guy at times even seemed dragged by Vince Vaughn into the whole wedding crashing. However he was excellent at being the guy that everyone liked, almost to the point that they would put up with Vaughn’s character because Owen was such a nice guy.

There are also a lot of lines that will become classic after watching this movie, and Chaz appearing towards the end of the movie was definitely icing on the cake. I recommend you go see this movie today, do not wait for it on video you will for sure be missing out.

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2 comments on “Wedding Crashers (****)

  1. I so want to see this movie, and everyone I know seems to like it. One thing I like about Vince and Owen (and their clique) is their ability to ad-lib to make what could be a formulaic scene their own and something unexpected.

  2. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this movie. Kris and I cannot afford to go and see it, but we might anyway. Heh.

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