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  1. I listened to your podcast and read all of the articles. I had also read online some rumors about people being discontent about the absence of black and latina women in that film.

    Race is a very complex topic, and often, most people have no clue how deliberate yet subtle discrimination or racism can be. The box office sells to a white audience because 85% of the U.S. is white (according to the 2000 U.S. census). Most of the time, the only films with black people that sell, are ones with gangsters and the like with women who are loud, rude, and gold-diggers. The good wholesome films with black women, are usually written by black people who are tired of hollywood making films portraying their race as deviants.

    Now, as far as Wedding Crashers is concerned, I do not really see the problem with there being a lack of hispanic and black women. It’s just a movie. If the jokes are good and I’m laughing hard, then that’s what I paid to see.

  2. Race is a very complex topic, but I really think that people from different races need to stop looking for negatives in life. Life already has enough difficult situations without looking for them. I’ve had many bad experiences when it comes to race, but I chose to not look at them from that angle because it only serves anger and resentment that should not be there. That is what perpetuates things. I hope we can bring down those walls even further with this generation…

  3. I agree completely, but it will never happen by not having anger or resentment. There is a very good book by bell hooks called “Killing Rage: Ending Racism in America”. If you have been discriminated because of who you are, you should be angry… you have a RIGHT as an American to BE angry. No American should be treated with discrimination. I think anyone, no matter what color, who is discriminated, should be angry… but they should use this frustration in a focused manner. For example, my white friends ask me questions about race and this is what it sounds like:

    White friend: April, something happened the other day, and I don’t know if I should have done something.

    Me: What happened? What’s wrong?

    WF: Well, I saw two white guys and a black woman standing in a line, and they both cut her off from the line and went in front of her.

    Me: Okay.

    WF: So, should I have done something? I mean, would it be worth it?

    Me: Of course!! You should have shown those two guys that you should not treat ANY woman like that, especially a black woman. Black women are already discriminated enough… you just let those men get away with crap? How do you expect whites to respect black women, when you just stand there and let it happen. It’s almost as if you are saying it’s okay for that kind of crap to happen.

    WF: Yeah, I guess you are right April. I’m just scared.

    Me: Scared of what? Losing your white privileges? (read more here John.

    WF: No, I mean… sort of.

  4. Wow, I never thought there were people that ignorant still walking around. Cutting in front of someone in line is just rude and doing it because of race and/or gender is just something that our society should not be experiencing any longer. It really saddens me and bothers me to know there are soooo many people out there still holding onto stupid misconceptions about the equality of human beings.

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