Weekend BBQ

This weekend we had the pleasure to host a little BBQ for friends and family. It was our first annual BBQ and it turned out pretty good. We made it simple and offered Burgers and Hotdogs which I think everyone enjoyed and encouraged guests to bring side dishes to share. We had family over as well as some of my coworkers and friends.

One thing that I had never really done at parties was play all kinds of board games. The guys get together and play poker and such, but never the whole group getting into a single game. Cielo introduced me to this practice and this weekend was no exception. We had a game of Catch Phrase that went on for a good couple of hours after we had eaten. There are many highlights to the game, but the cutest one came via Tyler.

The game is simple, you have a disk that gives you words or phrases, a timer and a board where you keep the points. You set up two teams and the disk holder gets to give clues to their teammates about the phrase without using any part of the phrase or letter or sound clues. Tyler played an awesome game being just as quick as the adults. Then it came, the stopper for him, he looks at the phrase, pauses, and yells out eeeuuuh! gross. We all stopped as he was about to just skip the phrase and we ask him what was it… he says, Make love. We could not contain our laughter after that.

It was a great time having people over, what made it even cooler is that a fellow blogger was able to make it. Mike and his wife Katrina came over and met Cielo and I for the first time. It was an excellent experience to meet a fellow blogger. I am sure we will get together some time soon and enjoy each others company. Thanks for coming again guys. It was also nice to see Matt who I had not seen in months.

The rest of the night was poker and eucher games all around. Not gambling with anything but monopoly money of course. We had some tasty Jello shots that were a big hit. I think everyone had a good time. Cielo took some pictures which she should be posting some time soon. How was your weekend?

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  1. Well I’ll like a lot those board games… there is one here called “EROS” that is very popular on those kind of BBQ or friends meetings…

  2. Its good to hear you had a good weekend, sorry I couldnt make it ,,, Ma weekend was pretty productive… CLeaned… dishes… laundery… unpacked… worked on ma sites… got ma butt kicked in tennis :)

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