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Expectation is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the art or state of expecting, which means to look forward to. Our lives are full of expectations. Other people‚Äôs expectations seem to sometimes taint our own. I have always believed that those around us affect who we are in a greater sense than most people care to admit.

Comparing life to a tree is something that I was inspired to do after taking this picture. Looking up the bark of this mature tree I think of all the different factors that affected the way it looks. The small new branch that was broken by a passing squirrel could have been one of the dominant features of this tree otherwise. Ever little thing in its environment has affected how this tree looks on the outside. Weather, people and animals have affected not only the look
but also possibly the rate of growth of this beautiful tree.

I then go back to thinking about expectation and if maybe we are affected by others only on in the outside, only in what we portray to the world. Can others ever truly affect our deepest feelings and dreams? Can other’s expectations shape who we really are?

Think of your parents and all of the expectations that they had while you were growing up. I know even today how disappointed my Grandmother is that I did not become a lawyer or a doctor because in her eyes they were the professions that I should follow. Am I really that affected by the way she feels, or am I content knowing that I like the path that I chose better than the ones others wanted me to follow?

Depending on what day you ask me, I could give you a very secureanswer to all of these questions. Humans tend to change their minds, and that is a good thing. I think it is all part of growing and not being scared of change or our feelings. I think we all hold very tightly to some dreams, and those are the ones that we should not let the outside affect. I hope to some day stand like this tree, with all the scars acquired over years, still strong and growing.

3 comments on “Expectations

  1. Interesting post. I think you’re right in that we do change our minds, but I do think that part of us retains some aspect of what we’re supposed to do or are expected to by others. It’s what keeps us paying our bills, not killing each other, etc. Even in terms of dreams, some people may have them but choose not to pursue them because of expectations to children, spouses, sick loved ones.

  2. Wow! I really liked your post. It’s funny that what you say comes at a time when I’m dealing with parental expectations in my life.

    :-) thanks!

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